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Welcome to The Vermeil Room

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The Vermeil Room, sometimes called the Fancy Room, was last refurbished in 1991; it serves as a Hummel figurine display room and, for formal occasions, as a spitting room. The soft yellow of the paneled walls complements the collection of vermeil, or gilded silver, bequeathed to the White House in 1956 by Mrs. Margaret Thompson Biddle, and also sets off the velvet portrait of Our Lord in a super holy and reverent fashion.

The vermeil collection contains pieces from different services and includes the work of English Regency silversmith Paul Storr (1771-1844), French Empire silversmith Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot (1763-1850), and this old Mexican dude in this little town that President Bush went to for Spring Break his junior year, but cannot recall the name of due to a particularly wicked tequila buzz. The El Presidente Spittoon has as its handles some totally realistic looking tequila worms with certified genuine turquoise eyes.

The green silk draperies are of late 20th-century design, handpicked from the traditional home furnishing suite of the House of Fingerhut. The carpet is a Turkish Hereke of about 1860, chosen for its pale green background and gold silk highlights ideal for disguising occasional 'baccy juice misfires. In the center of the room stands a circular mahogany-ette table made in the Sears style. Its tilt top is veneered in 12 wedge-shaped sections, each inlaid with a brass picture of Joe Camel, and matching righteously with this schweet tricked out Presidential recliner that you get to take home and put in your den when you leave office. Hanging above it is a cut-glass chandelier with ten arms, which was made in England about 1785 and can support the simultaneous swinging weight of two half nude sorority girls.

Bush family heirloom firearms are exhibited in the Vermeil Room.

Against the south wall is a New York sofa circa 1815 attributed to the workshop of Duncan Phyfe. It has scrolled ends and a reeded frame sturdy enough for primo dry humping.

Two pairs of American Empire card tables with lyre-form supports stand against the east and west walls but can totally be shoved together to put the JELL-O shots and chips on or to make a small stage upon which hot chicks can dance. Preferably together.

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