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Welcome to The Blue Room

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The "elliptic saloon", with the Yellow Oval Room above and the Diplomatic Reception Room below it, formed the most elegant architectural feature of James Hoban's plans for the White House. The Blue Room has always been used as a reception room except for a brief period during the administration of Harry S. Truman - when it served as the surplus storage space for J. Edgar Hoover's burgeoning corset collection. During the Kennedy administration, architect Tom O'Finland designed a suite of oil-resistant orgy furniture for the room, but only some working drawings remain.

When President Nixon redecorated the "large oval room" after the Purge, he used the French Espionage style, which is the present decor. Nixon ordered a suite of "Seurveillancé" furniture and several pieces of the original suite can be seen, including the Cabinet du Vidéographie and accompanying bergère, an armchair with enclosed sides, reclining back and extendable stirrups, which became a favorite of President Clinton.

A renovation and refurbishing of the Blue Room was initiated in the early days of the younger Bush's administration by the Committee for The Preservation of White Youth Culture and completed in early 2001. The sapphire blue fabric used for the draperies and furniture covering is made from the same EZ-Wipe fabric favored in nursery schools and dorm rooms. The upholstery fabric retains the gold eagle medallion on the chair backs, thus allowing the sitter to feel turbo-presidential as he lights up a big old laced fatty and attempts to recapture the heady smokage of his callow, misspent youth.

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