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The White House is an equal opportunity employer; anyone, regardless of light-skinned race, Christian denomination or masculine gender, who doesn't agree with Mr. Cheney may be terminated without notice. Your compensation package, in addition to a Stetson and KJV Bible, offers competitive federal benefits (unavailable in the private sector) including health, life, and afterlife insurance coverage, monogrammed handgun lockers, and opportunities for nearly unimaginable financial advancement through post-White House tell-all book deals, your own talk show on FOX NEWS, outlandish speaking fees, sitting on the boards of companies that make stuff you know nothing about, or simply marketing your perceived influence to corporations that would rather pay lobbyists than class action settlements. Knowledge of US laws, statutes, the Constitution and international treaties may interfere with your ability to follow administration policy and is, therefore, discouraged. Resumes and cover letters for available positions may be submitted via the official contact form.


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