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For Immediate Release - Office of the Press Secretary - February 25, 2003 - 1:54 P.M. (EST)

White House Press Briefing

MR. FLEISCHER: Good afternoon. As you know, the French have always been a thorn in the side to everyone. Well, except Hitler. Recently, however, their pompous misapprehension that they actually matter has taken a decidedly annoying turn. Indeed, these Gallic (Chiraqi) cowards have gotten it into their goose-liver-stuffed heads that America can't do anything it goddamned well feels like! President Bush is dismayed by this, especially inasmuch as it negatively impacts his plans to carry out a personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein.

That's why – on White House orders – America's right-wing commentators and talk-radio junkies have been busy attempting to come up with clever insults to ridicule that nation of fussy-yet-filthy pansies. Unfortunately, even their best taunts have thus far been embarrassingly banal and puerile. Even Ann Coulter, who can usually be relied upon for a whole playgrounds-worth of ad hominem heckling, has not proved up to the task. Perhaps, as our Homeland Security operatives have observed, this may be because her surname has a decidedly Frenchy ring to it. We are, of course, looking into that.

In any event, our showbiz contingent isn't cutting it - and since making sarcastic comments about those effete, brie-smearing Nazi-suckers across the Atlantic is currently this nation's top foreign policy priority, the President has seen fit to call in the prestigiously expensive and breathlessly self-possessed advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi to finish the job. This $175,000,000 contract will be financed by taxpayer funds earmarked from what used to be called the "Federal Budget," which was renamed pursuant to Executive Order No. 9,439 more simply as "Petty Cash."

As such, I'm pleased to be presenting the fruits of their corporate labors today, in the form of the officially revised Federal France-Bashing Standards & Guidelines. All Americans are urged to adhere to them carefully.


1. Effective immediately, Americans are directed to discontinue use of the word "French." For example, henceforth, that overly-sweet, bloody liquid slathered on yellowed iceberg lettuce at Shoney's shall be "Prancing Snail Swallower Dressing;" those greasy sticks of carbohydrates and sodium kept warm for hours under heat lamps at McDonald's shall be "Beret Wearing Pansy Fries" (and shall no longer be available in any size other than "embarrassingly small"); and restaurants throughout the land will begin serving "Unbathed Asshole Onion Soup."
2. Americans shall promptly initiate a boycott of the "French Kiss" – replacing it with PATRIOTIC expressions of affection such as the "Texas Uvula Wallop" and the "Dixieland Stinky Finger."
3. Upon sipping from any glass or bottle of inferior French wine in a restaurant, all citizens are hereby directed to spit it onto the floor before braying that the imported beverage was either "too flinty" or "indistinguishable from a rancid slick of year-old poodle menses" before loudly ordering a refreshing 48 oz. Gallo Peach Liebfraumilch slushy as a replacement.
4. All American colleges and universities must immediately dispense with the folly of teaching the pathetic "Soft Philosophies" of Voltaire, Sartre, and Descartes - and begin aggressively indoctrinating our starry-eyed youth to the profound, righteous, and less tediously cerebral works of Hannity, Rumsfeld, Noonan, and The Rock.
5. Moving forward, U.S. journalists and historians alike are to incinerate any liberal textbooks which incorrectly assert that the French saved our ragtag, shoeless asses at Yorktown during America's noble fight for independence from those charmingly irascible and currently endearing limeys (a struggle now rendered ironically moot by Britain's decision to fork over what little sovereignty they didn't give to the European Socialist Union to our State Department).
6. Should they find their personal space violated by an actual French person, whether in New York, Topeka or Paris, Americans should demonstrate their unswerving love of country by informing the Franko Sapiens in question about a recent innovation called "the shower" and then, before the rebuked Frog can make some sour, smelly retort in that bitchy French way of theirs, douse them with a mixture of J-Lo perfume and pepper spray, taking care not to get the lethal mixture on any of the fourteen colors you happen to be wearing. Then, as they're writhing in agony - screaming that incomprehensible jibberish of theirs - tell them that their supposed military genius and 19th century Saddam Hussein progenitor Napoleon could only overcome his crippling impotence (the bane of ALL Frenchmen) by satiating a deviant sexual appetite for basting his prostitute wife Josephine in superior American coffee!


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