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12.28.2001: Ashcroft: American Patriot Registration Has Commenced. Sign Up NOW!
12.21.2001: President Confirms Mrs. Clarence Thomas as Secretary of the Posterior
12.18.2001: President Makes Epidermal Sacrifice to Patriotic Sport of Golf
12.16.2001: President Announces Lucrative Post-ABM Defense Contracts
12.13.2001: Ashcroft: Terrorists Lurking in Life-Sized Manger Tableaus
12.09.2001: President Appoints Dr. Pat Robertson to Manage Afghan Children's Fund
12.03.2001: President Demands Arafat be Tried for Crimes Against Facial Hair
11.30.2001: Traitorous, Homo-Loving Vermont Senators Called to Face Tribunals
11.27.2001: President Condemns Clones - and All Enemies of the Jedi
11.25.2001: Decree: Taliban to be Replaced by Congressional Democrats
11.21.2001: President Shares Bush Family Holiday Prayer of Thanks
11.19.2001: Remarks by the President at White House Iftaar Dinner
11.17.2001: First Lady Denounces Taliban Sex Maniacs in Radio Address
11.15.2001: President Explains Utter Fallacy of "Civil Rights"
11.13.2001: President Outsmarts That Commie Weasel Vlad Pooting
11.12.2001: President Reacts to Florida Ballot Project Findings
11.05.2001: Presidents Bush Protect United States With Executive Order 13233
10.24.2001: Sponsor Your Very Own Reactionary Ideologue!
10.19.2001: President Reassures Anthrax-Weary Populace: "Disney World Still a Super-Fun Place"
10.12.2001: Ari Fleischer's TEN COMMANDMENTS OF PATRIOTISM
10.04.2001: President Announces Guidelines for Feigning Respect for Heathen Faiths
09.22.2001: Presidential Legitimacy & Competency Rise Commensurately With Approval Ratings
09.15.2001: President on New York: "Not Just a Cesspool of Pinko Liberals Who Didn't Vote For Me After All"
09.12.2001: President Denounces Freedom-Hating Cowards Who Rescued His Presidency From Tragicomic Irrelevance
09.10.2001: President Dispels Liberal Myth of Joblessness
09.07.2001: President Defends State Dinner Late Night Fireworks
09.04.2001: President Denounces Rogue Imposter Web Site
07.27.2001: A Proclamation on the Importance of Air & Water
06.02.2001: Remarks by the President in Tax Relief Bill Signing Ceremony
05.16.2001: Statement by the President on a Comprehensive Energy Policy
02.05.2001: President Announces White House Dress Code
01.20.2001: Transcript of President's Inaugural Address
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