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What's Playing on President Bush's iPod?
Hey boys and girls! Now you probably already know all about President Bush's awesome Palm Helper, but did you know that your Commander in Chief is so hip and cool, He even has His very own iPod? It's true! Just check out His rocking new über-Patriotic playlist for 2005!

  • I Drink Alone – George Thorogood   [listen]
  • Killing an Arab – The Cure   [listen]
  • Working 9 to 5 – Dolly Parton   [listen]
  • War Pigs – Black Sabbath   [listen]
  • Rapture – Blondie   [listen]
  • Dallas Theme – Television's Greatest Hits   [listen]
  • Jesus Hold My Hand – John Ashcroft
  • The Winner Takes it All – ABBA   [listen]
  • Macho Man (12" Version) – Village People   [listen]
  • Dixie (Dance Mix) – Daughters of the American Revolution   [listen]
  • Hot for Teacher – Van Halen   [listen]
  • Tequila Sunrise – Eagles   [listen]
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears   [listen]
  • White Christmas – Bing Crosby   [listen]
  • Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins   [listen]
  • Rock the Casbah – The Clash   [listen]
  • We Are the Champions – Queen   [listen]
  • Daddy is a Yale Man – Yale Whiffenpoofs
  • The South's Gonna Do It Again – Charlie Daniels Band   [listen]
  • Killing in the Name – Rage Against the Machine   [listen]
  • Cocaine – Eric Clapton   [listen]
  • Why Don't We Get Drunk (And Screw) – Jimmy Buffet   [listen]
  • Reign in Blood – Slayer   [listen]
  • Like a Rock – Bob Seger   [listen]
  • Take the Money and Run – Steve Miller Band   [listen]
  • U.S. Male – Wayne Newton   [listen]
  • Rhinestone Cowboy – Glen Campbell   [listen]
  • Breaking the Habit – Linkin Park   [listen]
  • Battle Hymn of the Republic – Augusta National Barbershop Quartet   [listen]
  • Fortunate Son – Credence Clearwater Revival   [listen]
  • Don't Drink That Wine – NWA   [listen]
  • I Want Action – Poison   [listen]
  • America – Lee Greenwood   [listen]
  • Ride of the Valkyries – Richard Wagner   [listen]
  • Jesus Freak – DC Talk   [listen]
  • Cocaine Blues – Johnny Cash   [listen]
  • Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! – Megadeth   [listen]
  • Father and Son – Cat Stevens   [listen]
  • The Dukes of Hazzard – Waylon Jennings   [listen]
  • Hang on to Your Ego – Beach Boys   [listen]
  • Dead Bodies Everywhere – Korn   [listen]
  • Long Distance Drunk – Modest Mouse   [listen]
  • Tube Snake Boogie – ZZ Top   [listen]
  • Old Mother Reagan – Violent Femmes   [listen]
  • Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode   [listen]
  • The Final Countdown – Europe   [listen]
  • Bombs Over Baghdad – Outkast   [listen]
  • The Grand Illusion – Styx   [listen]
  • William Tell Overture – Classical Music's Greatest Hits   [listen]
  • Master of Puppets – Metallica   [listen]
  • To Hell With the Devil – Stryper   [listen]
  • The Nigga Ya Love To Hate – Ice Cube   [listen]
  • Bales of Cocaine – Reverend Horton Heat   [listen]
  • Dazed and Confused – Led Zeppelin   [listen]
  • Speedy Gonzales – Pat Boone   [listen]
  • Right Wing Pigeons – Dead Milkmen   [listen]
  • Out for Blood – GG Allin   [listen]
  • What a Fool Believes – Doobie Brothers   [listen]
  • Fuck Foreigners in There [sic.] Dirty Unwiped Asses – Toby Keith   [listen]

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