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White House for Kids!
Welcome to The White House for Kids! Here, President George W. Bush and First Lady Mrs. George W. Bush are tickled pink to provide boys and girls like you with all manner of fun, informative, and strictly non-partisan games and activities. So dig in, and have a massively patriotic good time!

Presidential Nicknames
Fresh Out of Sticks & Stones? Then learn all about President Bush's awesome talent for issuing demeaning, sarcastic nicknames!       Go!!! >>

Playground Diplomacy
Plagued by Schoolyard Squabbles? Learn the fair and civilized recess dispute resolution strategies preferred by America and its pal Israel!       Go!!! >>

Arrest & Detention 101
Gangsta Fabulous! Join Bush kids Jebby, Jenna, Noelle, Barbara, and George P. for awesome tips on dealing with stupid policemen!       Go!!! >>

Rocking Out! Betcha didn't know that President Bush is so cool, He even has His own iPod! It's true! Just check out His über-patriotic playlist!       Go!!! >>

Mail Call! Read 100% kinda-authentic, Anthrax-free letters sent to President Bush by real, America-loving boys and girls just like YOU!       Go!!! >>

Patriotic Coloring!

Are You a Cigarette-Safe Kid? President Bush and RJ Reynolds Tobacco want to make sure you are! So don't get burned! Learn Tobacco Smarts!       Go!!! >>

Calling All Minority Pre-Teens! Click here for your chance to be photographed and NOT exploited in future Republican party "urban" ad campaigns!       Go!!! >>

Young People! Tune in to First Lady Laura Bush and SATANICIDE to learn how YOU can "Keep It In Your Pants!"       Go!!! >>

Are Your Mommy & Daddy Liberal America Haters? President Bush needs your help to find out! So be an Eagle Eyes snitch - and get rich!       Go!!! >>

Forget About Baseball Cards! Look What the Cool GOP Kids are Collecting!
Miss Beazley!
Help Keep Out Trespassing Liberal Vermin!
Check Out President Bush's Super Hi-Tech Palm Helper!
Download the Gipper's AWESOME Health Posters!
Lost Kitty Cat!
Help Republican Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist Find Him!
Take a Virtual Trip to President Bush's Home State of Texas!
Play the President Ronald Reagan Memory Game!
See Why Decent Boys and Girls Attend Sunday School.
Like Guns? Check Out the NRA Kooky Kidz Korner!

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