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Are Your Mommy & Daddy Liberal America Haters?

Many of you may find it hard to remember, but before we had President Bush, our wonderful leader and father to our Christian nation, we had a horrible, criminal president called Clinton, who was infested with dozens of filthy diseases. Because of him, millions of people who might seem good were actually corrupted into traitorous enemies of the state. Are your mommy and daddy among them? President Bush needs your help to find out! So be an Eagle Eyes snitch - and get rich! Because for every family member you help put in front of a military tribunal, the government will send you a whole dollar!

Just check the list in the blue box to the right, and if your parents are exhibiting any of the sickening symptoms described, you MUST contact the FOR-KIDS-ONLY OFFICE OF THE F.B.I.! And remember, in addition to your generous monetary reward, you'll be entered to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Florida's Walt Disney World - to be personally chaperoned by President Bush's very own baby brother "Jebby."

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  • Mommy or Daddy talk about "things being better" before President Bush

  • When people with skin darker than hamburger buns come in your house, they do things other than cleaning, fixing stuff or talking about their Supreme Court concurring opinions

  • You have two Mommies

  • Mommy or Daddy talk about something called "the popular vote"

  • Mommy and Daddy never play CDs of the great patriot Lee Greenwood. Instead, they play songs by a Jewish woman who spells "Barbara" with only two a's. (Kids, this is a great spelling lesson. So go check Mommy and Daddy's CD covers!)

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