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Operation Iraqi n Roll!

News of Our Righteous Crusade
FULL COVERAGE OF THE WAR IN IRAQ: For over a decade, Presidents Bush waited patiently to invade the sovereign nation of Iraq and topple the tin pot dictator who personally slighted them. Today, with their righteous crusade still gloriously unfolding, True Patriots stand advised to seek refuge from the America-hating historical revisionism of the non-FOX liberal media by visiting this page (and ONLY this page) to gain a patriotically comprehensive understanding of their brave and utterly necessary campaign to take out Evil-Doer #1.
09.14.2007: President Addresses Nation on the Way Forward to Surging Back Towards Desperately Spinning the Clusterfuck That is Vietraq
09.03.2007: President's Remarks to Super-Stoked Troops During Mega-Secret Photo Op in Increasingly Ultra-Safe Iraq
07.04.2007: Independence Day 2007: President Psyches Up Iraq-Bound Troops with Pep Talk About Olden Days War We Actually Won
05.28.2007: Iraq Funding Approved: President Lauds Democrats' Courage to Stay True to Their Spineless Jellyfish Convictions
03.29.2007: Iraq Budget Supplemental: President Explains Why He Will Veto Democratic Meddling in His Brilliantly Executed Bloodbath
02.27.2007: Vice President Cheney Delivers Morale-Boosting Remarks to U.S. Soldiers in Super-Safe and Totally Stable Afghanistan
02.23.2007: President Offers Helpful Advice to Britain's Prince Harry on His Upcoming Deployment to Combat Duty in Iraq
01.17.2007: President Congratulates Brave Iraqazoids on Proud Achievement of Minting 34,000 FREEDOM® HeroesTM in 2006
01.10.2007: President's Address to Convince Flip-Flopping Nation of Urgent Need to Escalate "Operation Baghdad 911"
12.30.2006: SADDAM HUSSEIN EXECUTED: President's Statement Celebrating the Awesome Snuffing Out of America's Most Hated Sand Coon
12.07.2006: President's Statement on Bitchy Report From Crusty Old Geezers Intent on Losing the Awesomely Prosecuted War on Evil
12.01.2006: President Makes Triumphant Return From Mega-Successful Summit With Annoyingly Willful Puppet Who Blew Him Off
10.26.2006: President Warns Iraqazoids That There Are Limits to His Patience With Humiliating and Utterly Hopeless Failure
09.26.2006: President's Statement on Pentagon Decision to Extend Soldiers' Mandatory Vacations in Sunny, America-Friendly Vietraq
08.19.2006: Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki Heaps Heartfelt Thanks Upon America and its Super-Competent Occupiers
07.18.2006: SCUFFLE IN THE MIDDLE EAST: President Assures Public That Unfolding Apocalypse in Jewtown & Allahstan is No Biggie
06.13.2006: President's Poll-Boosting Remarks to Majorly Pumped-Up Military Grunts During Suprise Visit to the Newly Super-Safe Vietraq
06.08.2006: MISSION EVEN MORE ACCOMPLISHEDER! President's Solemn Remarks Celebrating the Slaughter of Osama al Zar Laden, Jr.
03.19.2006: President's Ruminations on the Three Year Anniversary of America's Super-Successful Freedomizationizing of Vietraq
01.11.2006: President Berates New York Times for Revealing the Super-Duper-Classified Secret that Our Troops in Iraq are Sitting Ducks
11.30.2005: President Bush Releases Easy-to-Understand Diagram Summarizing His Inspired Long-Term Strategy for Victory in Vietraq
11.10.2005: Transcript of President's Private Meeting With Briefly Estranged Pathological Liar Chickenhawk Soulmate Ahmad Chalabi
10.26.2005: Honoring America's 2000 Dead in Iraq: President's Remarks at Groundbreaking Ceremony for Arlington National Cemetery High Capacity Mega-Crypt
08.12.2005: President's Note to Cindy Sheehan, Grieving Mother of Heroic FREEDOM® Crusader Killed in Utterly Necessary War In Vietraq
07.15.2005: The Average Iraqi: Ectastic Beneficiary of American Compassion, Takes Your Questions on "Ask the White House"
06.28.2005: In Stirring Address to Nation, President Rekindles America's Love Affair With Getting Its Superpower Ass Kicked in Vietraq
01.28.2005: President Bush Proudly Invites Eligible Arabiacs to Download and Complete the Official Ballot for Iraq's Explosively Joyous Foray Into Gunpoint Democracy
01.15.2005: Full Text of President Bush's After-Hours Statement Proudly Leaking America's Successful Termination of the Hunt for Iraqazoid Weapons of Mass Destruction
12.10.2004: MEDIA ALERT: Corrected Transcript Of Secretary Rumsfeld's Friendly, Non-Contentious Bull Session With Joyous, 100% Gung-Ho National Guardsmen In Kuwait
09.24.2004: LETTERS FROM THE FRONT LINES OF IRAQ: Active Duty Soldiers Respond to John Kerry's Shameless Attempts to Undermine Morale Through the Traitorous Articulation of Reality
06.29.2004: The Iraq Sovereignty Handover: President's Statement Congratulating Ambassador Paul Bremer on His Brave, Unannounced Skedaddle Outta Dodge
05.25.2004: President's Army War College Speech Explaining Plan to Grant Iraq the FREEDOMŪ to Enjoy Puppet Government and Decades-Long Foreign Military Presence
05.02.2004: Letter to President Bush From Brave Armed Forces FREEDOM®-Defender Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the Shuttering of Iraq's "Rape Rooms"
03.31.2004: Remarks by Former President George H.W. Bush Denouncing So-Called Intellectuals Too Dense to Notice America's Wondrous Progress in Iraq
12.14.2003: MISSION ACCOMPLISHEDER! The World Sleeps Safely Tonight Knowing a Delirious, Nappy Hairball Living in a Hole is Finally in Republican Custody
11.27.2003: President's Surprise Thanksgiving Remarks to Troops During His Brave, 150-Minute, After-Dark Jaunt to the Maximum-Security Heart of the "Mission Accomplished" Zone
10.24.2003: New Funeral Protocols for Protecting Iraq Combat Fatalities From Photographers, Tacky Military Ceremonies, and Canned Presidential Eulogies
09.24.2003: Not Begging For Help in the Non-Quagmire of Iraq: Text of President's Steamy Hot Sex Slave Speech to United Nations General Assembly
09.02.2003: Summer Concluded, President Bush Revels in America's Unequivocal Victory Over Tyranny and Pandemonium in the New & Improved Iraq
06.13.2003: President Releases Newly Recovered Warzone Documents Offering Incontrovertible Proof of Iraqi Acquisition of Weapons of Mass Destruction
05.22.2003: Presenting the Occupied Iraq Bill of Rights: President Bush Ushers in Blissful Era of Submissive Arabiac Democracy and Eternal Martial Law
05.14.2003: Ruling the New Iraq: America's Long-Term Commitment to Ensuring the Triumph of Compassionate Imperialism Over the Perverted Cult of Muslamiac Self-Determination
05.01.2003: The USS Abraham Lincoln Speech: President's Remarks Celebrating the Convergence of Loyalty Day, Prayer Day, Law Day, and Whoopin' Allah's Sorry Ass Day
04.25.2003: The War in Iraq Concluded, President Bush Proudly Honors the First-Ever Recipients of the "Civilian Warmonger Medal of Armchair Valor"
04.10.2003: Baghdad Falls: President Bush Extends a Heartfelt Radio Olive Branch to Iraq's Proud Population of Newly-Liberated, Soon-to-be-Christian, Petroleum-Pumpin' Eunuchs
03.29.2003: "THE FACES OF FREEDOM!" - A Fair & Balanced Photo Refutation of Preposterous Liberal Media Reports of Iraqi Anti-Americanism
03.26.2003: President's Statement Reminding Uppity Iraqasaurs to Lose the Inferior Arabiac Pride, Smile Pretty for the Cameras, and Open Wide the Doors to Christian JDAMs of Freedom
03.24.2003: President Bush Reassures Jittery Nation: "The War Show Will Go On. So Nuke Up Some Cheez Whiz, Kick Back & Enjoy the Bloodletting!"
03.23.2003: Transcript of the Presidential Prayer Team's Camp David Appeal to Jesus Requesting Swift & Effortless Annihilation of the Muslamian Hordes
03.19.2003: Complete Text of President Bush's Orgasmic Rebel Yell Heralding the Launch of Operation Godless Iraqazoid Smackdown
03.17.2003: President's Televised Address Granting Saddam Hussein 48 Hours to Stop Mistaking This George Bush For That Other Sissypants Chicken Quitter
IRAQ AT A GLANCE: Essential, Fair and Balanced Facts About America's Most Dangerous Godless Arabiac Terrorist Enemy
03.13.2003: Vice President Cheney Unveils Noble, Honorable and Completely Non-Greed-Inspired Twelve-Step Recovery Plan for the Future Former Nation of Iraqaeda
03.06.2003: Transcript of President Bush's Anti-Terror Press Conference Detailing Terror-Preventing War Against Terrifying Terrorists of Terror
03.03.2003: Secretary Fleischer Delivers Forceful Rebuttal to Charges of Senselessly Dooming Innocent American GI's Purely for Craven Political Gain
03.01.2003: Secretaries Rumsfeld & Wolfowitz Explain Moral Necessity of Nation Bombing Building to Assembled Limp-Wristed Press Nancys
02.06.2003: Secretary Rumsfeld Releases Final, Ironclad Proof of Iraq's Obstinate Yearning for Napalm Colonics of Freedom
01.21.2003: President Reassures U.S.: "Our Righteous Slaughter of Iraqi Babies Shall Not be Thwarted by Fraidy Cat Euro-Faggots!"
09.18.2002: President Releases Top-Secret Iraqi Documents Justifying the Immediate Toppling of Saddam Hussein
09.14.2002: The President's Iraq Ultimatum, As Delivered to the United Nations General Assembly
08.28.2002: Vice President Cheney Details Diabolical Iraqi Schemes Necessitating the Wholesale Invasion of the Arabiac World

Good Morning Vietraq! Good Morning Vietraq!
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