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Why International Propaganda?

The Bush Administration understands the importance of responding to the global explosion in anti-Americanism. Left unchecked, these irrational sentiments, harbored by billions of mentally inferior foreigners the world over, could contribute to an international consumer climate in which American corporations and products stand at a competitive disadvantage.

Improved coordination of our international propaganda will help prevent the global populace from focusing on President Bush's actions during this crucial period of laying the foundations for America's thousand-year Capitalist Empire. The President knows we need to creatively package his policies and values in such a manner as to camouflage their true nature to the world. Created by Executive Order of the President, this new office within the White House coordinates strategic global propaganda, concealing the President's agenda within innocuously palatable messages to lesser nations around the world.

The New Office of Global Communications:
The Office of Global Communications (OGC) advises on the strategic direction and themes that United States government agencies use in the ideological reeducation of foreign audiences. The Office assists in the development of communications programs that disseminate a few simple, powerful, and seemingly truthful messages about America's current government. These will be aimed not only to convince foreigners to keep their place, but also to reassure Americans that their President has not single-handedly made them the object of unprecedented mass derision and hatred.

Lessons learned from the temporary Coalition Information Centers (CIC) have been applied to the new Office. Last year's successful deflection of inquiries into the widespread killing of women and children during the war in Afghanistan is a prime example. Working closely with the communications office of the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, Global Communications recently coordinated communications about the Administration's Ramadan activity and the President's views on Islam.

America's Message to the World:
This new office assists the President in communicating his message to the world -- fear me, obey me, and don't call my daddy a "wimp" or a "pussy." America's non-negotiable demand for cheap, abundant petroleum and the National Security Strategy's focus on curtailed civil liberties and mushrooming xenophobia are US Government policy, but they are also Bush family aspirations. As such, they provide a God-given framework with which OGC will coordinate a variety of exciting new propaganda efforts whose battle-worthiness will be initially tested abroad, then ultimately set loose upon our own unsuspecting electorate in the form of patriotic "news" segments on FOX, campaign-ready pictorials in TIME, and all manner of corporate media emotional pornography.

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