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IMPORTANT NOTICE: To all high-ranking executives from Fortune 1000 corporations: Your opinion is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to the Bush Administration. You are entitled to bypass the contact procedures established for the common people, and are encouraged to make use of the Industry Deregulation Request Form below:

Industry Deregulation Request Form

Dear Mr. President,

I represent a corporation in the industry. Perhaps you've heard of it; it's one of several concerns in which your holds worth of stock.

In the previous fiscal year, our company was responsible for generating over new . That's a record we're proud of. And that's why we're asking for your .

Specifically, we'd appreciate your taking the time to the myriad government regulations our corporate and continued . As a former yourself, you know the importance of . And that's all we from you now.

I speak for my entire Board of Directors when I tell you that we are grateful and relieved to finally have a such as yourself in the Oval Office. And we're hopeful you'll give sincere consideration to our .

On a more personal note, you might remember me from . Wasn't that a grand time? I thought I'd never kick that -- but I did! It just goes to show, you should never underestimate the power of !


P.S.: GO !


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