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Every day, tens of thousands of people from all around the globe come to kneel at the political altar of WHITEHOUSE.ORG and GeorgeWBush.org. A small, unedited sampling of their voluminous feedback follows:

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DATE = 12/01/2006
SUBJECT = Freedom of Speech
NAME = William F Eisner
MESSAGE = Hi;Why do you feel freedom of speech is in violation of the patriot act? If you think that is treason,then feel free to shoot me.EX-Marine,Viet Nam VET.It's my flag too.

DATE = 11/24/2006
SUBJECT = Clarence Thomas
NAME = Jeff Leonard
MESSAGE = I couldn't help noticing a line in your ham-fisted "parody". 'Thomas enjoys rental movies in brown paper bags'. I can only point out that you lefties who pretend to enshrine the "right to privacy" only got that info by figuratively and LIERALLY going through the man's garbage

DATE = 11/23/2006
SUBJECT = Re: Patriot's Thanksgiving News Bulletin
NAME = Delores "Pudge" Barnosky
MESSAGE = Sacreligious PIGS! This is unpatriotic and I am an American Patriot. I am unsubscribing!!! I had no idea this was a stupid obscene publication.

DATE = 11/21/2006
SUBJECT = Losers
NAME = IOwnTheWorld
MESSAGE = It's funny how you mention on your front page that Vietnam kicked America's ass, when statistically we raped them in every way possible.Shit we even owned the South Vietnamese, we took out half the entire population of both Vietnam's combined.We only lost 50k or so men?Who beat whose ass there?I think your website should be laughed off the internet for the stupid garbage you put up.You're nothing but biased anti-bush, anti-war, anti-republican pseudo America loving socialist fucks.I hope you all suffer from Herpes Simplex A, and remaining hopeful that your children die of cancer.You all who run this site are nothing but wastes of flesh and matter upon this glorious planet that is owned by the USA.God Speed You Stupid Faggots

DATE = 11/19/2006
SUBJECT = You Are Asinine & So Is Your Dumb Ass Site!
NAME = Dave
MESSAGE = Get a life you looser. Grow up and think for yourself, and you will see the truth of everything. Then you will feel like the dumb ass you are for wasting so much time & energy on this pitiful site. Hey, you feel that thing going up your butt? It's the Democrat Party sticking their arm up your ass & using you as a puppet. Looser.

DATE = 11/18/2006
SUBJECT = 2nd grade class
NAME = Melinda Vaughn
MESSAGE = can you tell me where i can send the letters my 2nd graders wrote to president bush?? is it the address to the right on this screen?

DATE = 11/16/2006
SUBJECT = toilets
NAME = herbert mahogeneyt
MESSAGE = your toilets smell nowhere near the high class quality of British toilets you should put together a multi billion dollar plan to make your toilets better. If you don't im afraid you will lose a large sum of money. you have been warned now you should act for the sake off your people.

yours faithfully herbert

DATE = 11/12/2006
SUBJECT = Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
NAME = Karan Kozlow
MESSAGE = Dear George,
I'm sure you will sign the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and make all your exploiting, money-hungry, evil, Republican buddies happy. This means I will have to fear being ARRESTED for exercising my First Amendment Rights when I protest the Ringling & Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, which has a history of animal abuse and exploitation. Well, won't that make the headlines: High School History Teacher and Students Arrested at Circus! Of course this won't stop us animal slavery abolitionists, any more than it stopped the human slavery abolitionists. In fact, you will have lit my fuel on fire to SPEAK UP FOR THE RIGHTS OF ANIMALS MORE THAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL YOU BUTCHERS, LAB-COAT WEARING TERRORISTS, REPUBLICANS, AND ETC., CAN SCREW THE SLUTS THAT BROUGHT YOU ON THIS EARTH BUT FORGOT TO TEACH YOU HOW TO RESPECT ALL LIFE!

DATE = 11/10/2006
SUBJECT = Muslim Stamp
NAME = Patricia Smolinski
MESSAGE = I resent the fact that our government shows so much concern for the immigrants, legal and illegal! We are AMERICANS and those that choose to come to our COUNTRY need to adapt to OUR ways! I am protesting this Muslim stamp and any other foreign stamp to be used here in America. This is America, my Country and I want it to stay that way.

DATE = 11/10/2006
NAME = war
MESSAGE = BUSH: My belief is that you must fight fire with fire and the reason you lost on tuesday is because you did not fight back the same way that you were attacked. As far as IRAN put away your persion bombe and go in and take out most of IRAN and watch these little bastards shut up and crall back into the caves.Are you going todo the last two years of office, play pattie cake with the dem and theanimals that want to kill us.GET SOME BACK BONE BUSH AND GO OUT AND KICK SOME ASS. iF YOU DONT WE WILL ALL PAY WITH OUR LIVES. THANK YOU.

DATE = 11/10/2006
SUBJECT = First Lady's Wardrobe Manager
NAME = Sandra Smith
MESSAGE = This is a position that I would love the opportunity to have.

DATE = 11/10/2006
NAME = Marie
MESSAGE = Hi, how is it that this website with whitehouse.org with .org on the trailing end so crude and exploitative toward our leadership in America? Please stop, unless you have something constructive and truthful to state, it is not worth stating. This complaining and childlike negativism with calling names and using vulgar language is not worth anyone's time. Use your website wisely rather than wasting a whole lot of pointless hot air.

Thanks for your time,

A fellow American citizen who respects all moral men/women in leadership. We need to be mature and point to the facts not calling them names.

DATE = 11/09/2006
SUBJECT = The site
NAME = Isabella
MESSAGE = I must rebuke the people who contribute to this website. This site is crude, coarse, and sickening. I came here thinking this was a professional website. This site rejects the living God and mocks Him. It has no concern or compassion for human life. I have had a vision before, and I had several dreams that God Himself spoke to me through. I desired that He would, and He did. I had a certain dream last night. The Great Tribulation, which will come to the earth after the dead in Christ and the living who follow Christ meet in the air, and then follow our Lord in the sky, and be with Him thus forevermore. The others will remain on earth, and it will be horrifying.

May God bless you and lead you, may He turn His face toward you and give you to the Lord Jesus Christ.

DATE = 11/09/2006
SUBJECT = This particular Whitehouse site
NAME = Roberta Jost
MESSAGE = This is horrible and totally stupid!!!! Whoever sponsors this junk is really "on the way out!!!!

DATE = 11/08/2006
SUBJECT = why?
NAME = krystal
MESSAGE = Why is it that all you do is bash democrats on this site? Is there nothing better for you to talk about? I was here looking for more information as to why there isn't more funding for important issues, such as stem cell research, but all this site seems to be is a joke!!

DATE = 11/08/2006
SUBJECT = webpage note....
NAME = S.L. Henslin
MESSAGE = I can't believe that you would post a message that the new leader of the House would "castrate" anyone. Gee, that's a great indicator of your willingness to work with Democrats.

Get a grip.

DATE = 11/08/2006
SUBJECT = rumsfeld
NAME = adnan Okuzcuoglu
MESSAGE = This web page demonstrates the total lack of freedom of speech in the US. "Only positive feedback" what the hell does that mean? You have made a mess of Iraq, killed over 120,000 innocent people and you ask for positive comments. You have got to be out of your friggin' mind. You may remember my e mail fromm 2001, where i stated that I will be drinking my Bordeaux, munching on my Reggiano as I enjoy every minute of your demise in Iraq. I never imagined that it would be SO enjoyable. Keep up the crap work at the whitedunny, I am having too much fun. Rumsfeld's scalp was particularly satisfying, and the fact that "dubya's" remaining term will be served out as the "lame duck" of the whitedunny, ho , ho ,ho If my comments are not positive enough then charge me with "treason" and prosecute me , ho, ho, ho Regards

DATE = 11/08/2006
SUBJECT = Dear Mr. President
NAME = Adil F. Al-Ashwal
MESSAGE = First of all : thank you for your speech today. Today, I am honored by putting a CoWbOy HaT on my Head, cause the LoRd has honored me by putting CoWbOy Boots on my feet before more than 20 years ago. Today, and just today, I started seeing you as a ReAL CowBoy, and i would like you to listen to the country song "The Best Day Of My Life" and accept it as a gift from me and my BrO. If wanna know more about me, The Saudi CowBoy, just check my profile on [EXCISED]@hotmail.com and please say "Slamz" to all of your Family. ReGarDs, ReSpEcT PeAcE

DATE = 11/08/2006
SUBJECT = Angry Enough to Chew Nails
NAME = D. Keene
MESSAGE = I’m a Democrat who the last time I voted for a Democrat was Jimmy Carter. Yesterday I voted straight Democrat. I am a conservative Democrat who is totally disenfranchised by you moderate, dumb-ass republicans. Moderate only means “Pussy”, “Spineless”, and “Can’t Decide”! That is the new definition for the Bush’s. I never thought I could agree with Jessie Jackson but, he was right, we should “stay out da bushes”. You had the whole congress and the white house but because you are so wimpy you couldn’t get a damm thing done.

I helped fire your wimpy ass old man, that gave us one Clinton, now I’ll do everything in my power to help fire you. Even if that means getting another Clinton. We hired you to kick the liberals asses, not get along with them so, “take that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

DATE = 11/07/2006

DATE = 11/05/2006
NAME = Bonnie Skover
MESSAGE = How could the USPS make a stamp for the muslims??? Why not honor our soldiers fighting for our country? This is an OUTRAGE!!!!!

DATE = 11/05/2006
SUBJECT = sadam on pay per view
NAME = john zuwiala
MESSAGE = I think we could wipe out our national debt if we put sadam's hanging on pay per view world wide.

DATE = 11/04/2006
SUBJECT = Quote by Teddy Roosevelt
NAME = Marta I. Cruz
MESSAGE = What is the source of this quote by Teddy Roosevelt? Where can I find it documented? My students don't want to believe me. Thanks! Let us not forget the words of the immortal conservationist Teddy Roosevelt: "I shall call this place in all truth 'The White House,' lest it otherwise be called 'The Inferior Primitive Negroid Savage House,' which was certainly not our Forefathers' intention."

DATE = 11/03/2006
SUBJECT = "floating head" appears on whitehouse.org web-page
NAME = mike sparks jr.
MESSAGE = Please address a floating head of a woman that appears when you click "click here to enlarge photo" on the blue room web page on whitehouse.org


DATE = 10/26/2006
SUBJECT = fake sweepstakes....
NAME = Roxanne Maumasi
MESSAGE = There are alot of sweepstakes that have U.S.A address' but is controlled from other countries like Jamaica and France and Australia but they are all fake. They, these people tell the person that they have won millions and all they have to do is pay the insurance fee. Western Union it or moneygram it.

This may sound stupid but did it ever occure that these people could be funding Terrorist??? I have all these sweepstakes entry and they all have united states address but someone from another country would call. United States Government need to look into this could lead into something very big... I have paper and more info. If you take me serious....

thank you for your time...

DATE = 10/25/2006
SUBJECT = War in Iraq
NAME = Richard Peak
MESSAGE = Having just viewed a 2nd WW film, that showed how the Germans, Japanese and Viet(Namise)? built tunnels, made me wonder. If you find the entry to a tunnel in Iraq, floud it with Propane Gas, because it's heavier than air, wait one hour and ignite. You will find the ememy!!! God bless you Mr. Rumsfeld, your taking care of America.

Thank you,

DATE = 10/24/2006
NAME = Educated Youth
MESSAGE = You reffered the Pakistani and Afghan presidents as "Arabiacs" (Arabs). You are too ignorant. Pakistanis and Afghans are Persians (like people from Iran) not Arabs (like bin Laden). For the last time AFGHANISTAN IS NOT AN ARAB COUNTRY AND NEITHER IS IRAN, PAKISTAN, LIBYA, OR ANY OF THE CENTRAL ASIAN REPUBLICS LIKE KAZAKHSTAN OR UZBEKISTAN FOR CHRIST'S FUCKING SAKE!!!!!! Read a goddamn book now.

DATE = 10/19/2006
SUBJECT = possible cold cure
NAME = philip reedy
MESSAGE = About 4 years ago Christmas Eve I was helping out the Salvation Army. I woke up that morning with a terrible sore throat & chest congestion. At the time I was experimenting with different chemicals trying to relieve the swelling in my knees from the destruction of the cartilage in both knees. I thought to myself I wonder if these chemicals might help this cold I'm coming down with. I sprayed my chest area with them & was amazed when the congestion disappeared within 15 minutes. Again I thought if it will cure the virus in my chest why not the throat too. I then sprayed my throat. At first I thought I had made a big mistake because it was a very unpleasant experience, but within the same amount of time the sore throat was gone. It was one of those sore throats you just knew was going to develop into a strep throat. I went to work that day, sat in the cold & never had a reoccurence of the symptoms. I began experimenting & found by mixing the chemicals together & adding a small amount of flavoring the treatment became less unpleasant. No more than a spoonful of medicine which is about what it takes to relieve the symptoms of a sore throat. After using it on several different people with excellent results I decided to patent the formula. I knew it was not on the market so I figured it should not be a problem getting a patent. { Boy was I wrong;:} It has now been over 3& ½ years since I applied for the patent & I can only surmise that they do not want me to have this patent. ie I was told in one instance that the formula was too simple & that it was obvious that someone else would think of it. Isn't that the reason you apply for a patent, so you receive it before anyone else thinks of it.Statistics show that 62 million Americans suffer from the common cold every year. I wonder how many could have averted their sufferings these last 3 years if the patent office hadn't decided to play God

Sincerely Philip B.Reedy

DATE = 10/17/2006
SUBJECT = This is sad
NAME = David
MESSAGE = Your site is sad to say the least. You obviously have no taste whatsoever. At least put a disclaimer at the top of the page. I would hate to think that there are kids poking around the net looking for info on our government for a school report that are subjected to your crap. Its easy to point a finger at someone, but remember, when you do, there are 3 more pointing back at you.

DATE = 10/13/2006
SUBJECT = yeah
NAME = daniel petro
MESSAGE = i cant believe what i just read on your website.! I'm sorry, butI think if your going to except in ANY way comments or concerns, you should have a sufficient enough team to answer these questions. . Please stop driving our country into the ground you piece of shit. You are OUR COUNTRY's ANTICHRIST!!!. but you already know that your piece of shit..don't you..lets share out thoughts in person.

DATE = 10/10/2006
SUBJECT = add on the war code amendment to constitution
NAME = mike turner
MESSAGE = make it a crime to undermine the president by critisem in public that is useful to the enemy. make it our creed that we cannot stop any war that we begin until the outcome is the true peace and protection of those we are committed by blood and sacrifice to achieve victory and justice. this is the christian way of honor and bravery that will crush the murderous view of radical muslims christians and all others who use there faith as a reason to abuse others

DATE = 10/05/2006
SUBJECT = After North conduct nuclear test?
NAME = james
MESSAGE = If North Korea conducts the nuclear test then it will provide a good excuse to Iran to follow the footsteps of North Korea. Everyone knows Iran and North Korea are doing a teamwork and Iran definitely will do exactly the same thing whatever North Korea does. It looks like there's no way to stop these stuffs except developing laser beam gun shooting from satellite or something like that sooner or later by the U.S. scientists which can make WMD useless. I believe in a near future the ultimate weapon will be laser beam guns which can be shot from satellite or aircraft.

DATE = 10/03/2006
SUBJECT = great opportunnities
NAME = phillip p
MESSAGE = Framing the War .. I believe your enemies many fudge packing assholes and there sympathizers such as the present speaker of the the house and drug addicted radio talk supporters and indeed many others whom would see a Bush legacy in disgrace are showing there true colors.We as hetro-christian americans have to show the world that we are not the Roman Empire they would greatly like to paint us.Let the chips fall where they may with the fudge packers petifiles and deginerate few that may have infected our ranks and those who thought they were being good old boys and keeping it qiute. Clearly that time is in the past.Bold and direct leadership is now neccassary. As an excutive with a large paving company in North Carolinia the venue of oil revenues for pavement for the Eastern United States is in question? Our firm having to compete with concrete and and in the interest of contining development of this mid-atlantic region require a Veneswalen solution,since a mojority of our product does inded come from south Americia. I really don't understand why we are not using the 9/11 issue to mobilze millions of troops to take care of the middle eastern question in a timely manner. Why we allow Russia and China openings in our Southern Hemispere of influence . Where are your speech writers, wher's your P.R. and for God sake a lot less talk and a lot more ation. Crazy isn't it that, you embodie the average white male in this country cannot achieve simple goals.I hope you are sick and tired of being sick and tired ,like Bill Britt is so found of saying and begin get up and dust yourself off and start over.We have to sit down with these people,the leaders of Russia,China, Great Britian,and yes take the time to talk the litle guys.Invite the head of North Korea to come set down with you.As a wise man once said keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Phil

DATE = 10/01/2006
SUBJECT = Kim Jong Il
NAME = donna R McNeilly
MESSAGE = I found an email address for Kim Jong Il as following: kjlindgr@hotmail.com

Is this a legitimate email address or can you supply me with another one? I'll be more than glad to tell you why I need it.

Donna McNeilly

PS - I am a STRONG supporter of President Bush and pray for him daily.

DATE = 09/30/2006
SUBJECT = Ya'll Suck
NAME = Michael
MESSAGE = I beleive the subject say's it all. You seem to be a waste of everthing you consume!

DATE = 09/29/2006
SUBJECT = Shocked
NAME = Bonnie
MESSAGE = First time I have been here and saw tis site. I am so disgusted and embarrased to read such language as IS BEING used in here. Please stop this and lets try to get our beautiful country and the American people back together, PLEASE. I can't believe how far we have drifted, our MORALS,et. Our young people, some older ones too, are so vulgar and use such bad language. If I had talked in a manner like some of these do, my father would have beat me half to death. Please whomever reads this, try to teach our young children and everyone to be respectful of ourselves and others. Lets stop being so immoral. I can't believe this is being fed through the White House web-site. I am so let down with our country. I don't know what else to say BUT I WON'T be back at this site again !!!!!!!!!

DATE = 09/28/2006
SUBJECT = Multiple Solution
NAME = Joseph J. Turecky
MESSAGE = 1.Immediately withdraw 100,000 troops from Iraq.
2.Use them to secure our U.S. borders.
3.Have the remaining troops protect the oil fields.
4.Tell the Iraqis it is time for their elected government and U.S. traired army to take over. 5.Tell Iraq we will take 75% of the oil. When they stabilize, they can have 95%.

DATE = 09/28/2006
SUBJECT = Song for Mr. Bush
NAME = emily muterspaugh
MESSAGE = This may not be very important with all the issues going on at the White House, but was wondering if Mr. Bush had heard the song called "Dear Mr. President" By Pink and if so how does he feel about it. I think the sonf expresses the questions that most Americans would like to ask him. Thank you for yout time.

DATE = 09/26/2006
SUBJECT = Retards
NAME = Evelyn Brown
MESSAGE = It is easy to see just from the usage of words (trashy) from which side of the fence you stand on. I'm amazed at how little your side knows about anything. You hear something on the news that the DEMO's(get it)put out, and you go nuts..thinking that this must be the truth. If only you knew more and could see the truth of things that you need to know to truly be an American. Think past your noses..look deep and maybe you will find some hope for yourselves. Although you serve the left you obviously have a right brain way of thinking..not analytical enough. Bush is protecting your ungrateful brains..Bill clinton was too busy playing with Monica and having his fun while in The White House to be doing his job that led us to 9/11. His lame excuses do not wash with intelligence. He has proved himself a liar and a disgrace to his position..let alone his pathetic wife. Oh, wonder if they still have those things that they took from the White House. See, it is your type that supports that type of human being. Trash. Now Bush has to clean up the mess that the Clintons left. At least Mr.Bush isn't a coward. ON and on.

DATE = 09/26/2006
SUBJECT = New Orleans
NAME = Julia M. Rolle
MESSAGE = I live in a zest pool of Democrats, but what really annoyed me the most was this:

As I watched the Saints game in Harrah's Casino on the big screen, I felt sick. I do love New Orleans even thou I am a Floridian, I grew up in New Orleans and lived here until 1985 and the ungratefulness of this city specially in the black community is shameful. When President Bush, Sr appeared on the big screen you heard nothing for Boooo! As I yelled Yeah! If nothing else there should have been silence. The amount of moneys that are coming into this city supported by the Republicans and that is the thanks we get, never mind how many dirty politicians, etc pocket some of the moneys. Moneys to rebuild a Superdome that surely was upgraded nothing compared to what it was and who paid for it, Lights, new suites, extras that must have cost millions and millions. Never mind the billions for the Road Home for people that completely neglected their responsibilities of having insurance, PLEASE SOME ONE TELL ME WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? The taxpayers fault? That Louisiana is so corrupt? Blame the levees.

This city has the same problems it has had for as long as I can remember and worst. My car is ruined from all the pot holes, that they keep promising they will fix and for decades have not. This is horrible. The comments from the blacks as to how Bush hates them and I argue that point, I don't care. I will speak my mind.




Julia M. Rolle
New Orleans, LA

DATE = 09/22/2006
SUBJECT = School Employees
NAME = Jenet Roadway
MESSAGE = I just find it intersting that we do not do drug testing and background check on teachers and other employees. I worked for the schools for over five years and never did a drug or background check. But these are the people we trust our children to everyday. And alot of teachers are the ones herting them. Or smoking pot with them or giving them alcahol. I think this needs to change. Lotto gives alot of money to schools I think they can afford to do drug test and good back ground checks. After all even McDonalds restraunt and every other job dose it. And we don't trust them with our children every day.
Sincerly conserned,

DATE = 09/22/2006
SUBJECT = Wow... And more Wow...
NAME = Ms. Michele
MESSAGE = Okay folks.. The only problem I have is... Your site does not clearly indicate For ADULT ENTERTAINMENT ONLY. And yes much of the information crosses certain lines of not being funny but racist and promotes stereotyping. But this is America and we are all allowed to read and write what we want. I guess the other thing that is hard to figure out is.. are you saying that Bush and all his administration are racist - or are you saying you are racist against certain individuals? I guess what I'm trying to figure out is... are you promoting hate? Are you saying if I'm a repulican I must think like you and hate people who believe in Jesus or a Christain base faith? That I'm a homophobic? Because that's what it looks like... At the least, please make it clear on your entrance page/ home page that this is ADULT ENTERTAINMENT. Actually, you should even put on the home page an noticeable acknowledge that this website is the sole reflection of its owners and not that of all republicans / demoncrats/ homesexuals and so on.... Come on try to be a little bit more American - it won't make you a communist I promise. Laugh, live and enjoy Freedom!

DATE = 09/21/2006
SUBJECT = America's true enemy
NAME = Mae Joseph
MESSAGE = I wrote a poem about America's true enemy that may prove to be quite interesting.

America’s True Enemy

Who’s the true enemy we seek to find
That costs the lives of soldiers so fine
They pinpoint the location of our troops
Then announce so the enemy can regroups

Let’s take a survey, give us your view
Where are we weakest, where trouble could brew
Subways, trains, city busses too
Give them such secrets, shame on you

They pinpointed Usoma by a rock formation
But why give him this information
It’s changed now, They use a drop sheet
So finding his location looks really bleak.

They are public enemy # one
Even though they don’t carry a gun
You’ve heard the pen is mightier than the sword
people like you need to go to the Lord

Hey breaking new, You think your so smart
You just got your men blown apart
Your Comander in chief left his mike on
Lets show the world who’s side we’re on

Remember the towers that stood so tall
And the planes that crashed to make them fall
You believed in Bush to make it right
You wanted him to get out and fight

Don’t turn your back on your president
It’s not on him that you should vent
Its this man that they call Bin Laden
That caused the nation to be so saddened

There will be no end to this war called Gihad
Bring the troops home: that would be bad
We’ll fight them there with gun in hand
To make sure the fight stays off our land

We have God on our side to fight these terrorists
Lets not loose because of our journalists

So CNN take this advise
Respect your president and try to be nice
Don’t give the enemy valuable information
It proves to only hurt your nation.

DATE = 09/19/2006
NAME = Megan Blazek
MESSAGE = I find this website very offensive. Each one is entitled to his or her own opinion regarding all issues. However, this site not only targets President Bush, but Christians as well. If I were to post the same kind of hateful content about any other group I would be immediately reprimanded. The content I found particularly offensive on this site was that which made fun of teens' commitments to abstinence. Targetting conservative beliefs is one thing, but targetting youth who wish be abstinent is another. I am fully aware that this is meant to be a jokie, but I know many people who are not laughing. Do yourselves a favor and stop attacking others. You obviously want to do as you please, so let others (including those whom you attack on this site) do the same.

DATE = 09/15/2006
SUBJECT = website
NAME = Mickey Bentley
MESSAGE = I appreciate the website offered so our children could see the White House, however it wasn't kid friendly!

DATE = 09/14/2006
NAME = Jake
MESSAGE = This administration sucks. I can' wait to see the history books fifty years from now that will say that the Bush adm. was the worst this county ever faced. oh yeah, nice how you have for the choices of political parties include republican and other/communist. Real mature. I'm no commy, but I am no republican either, because they are far worse than any commy. Bush can go to hell for all I care and anyone who supports him. This is freedom of speech, and if you don't like it, smoke the constitution wrapped around the bullshit that come from your mouth

DATE = 09/12/2006
SUBJECT = Operation Cash Crop
NAME = Stephen Epley
MESSAGE = Mr President Bush;
Operation Cash Crop is a way to get the people that depend on the outcome of there Poppy Products of Herione or Morphine For Bin Laden and his group in. I know we used Agent Orange in Viet Name So why not send of Flyers to the people where he is suppose to be Located at their crops for bin Ladens' whole group. If the don't do it in 3 to 7 days then hit all there crops with Agent Orange Mr. President until they do give up. They offer to buy there groups for medical use only Sir. Thank You; Mr. Stephen Epley

DATE = 09/08/2006
SUBJECT = your gifts
NAME = ronda
MESSAGE = i guess you thank you lucky stars that you live in 2006 instead of 1906 because they hung people for treason show i little class you don't have to like bush but as an american you should respect him

DATE = 09/07/2006
SUBJECT = Bush vs Bin Landen
NAME = Rob Kucher
MESSAGE = Hi myname is Robert Kucher a new Parent of a young boy and a greatful canadian friend my comment is can the whitehouse retain the services of Don King to put together a pay per veiw match between George w Bush and (once caught) Osama bin laden to a free for all fight I know for the betting man it wouldnt pay much to bet for or againt the president know ing his odds 1000 to 1 for binladen to win I think you would pay both american and canadian defecits with its profits I think It would be hilarious to see what bush would do to that skinny little parasite keep up the good work ...........

DATE = 09/06/2006
SUBJECT = shock
NAME = michael
MESSAGE = I went to your website because I thought President Bush said in his speech yesterday that I could go to whitehouse.org to get copies of the updated war plan, and I was also hoping to get a transcript of his speech to be able to quote Bin Laden and Ahmadinejad to my blind liberal friends who refuse to believe how insane our enemy is. I cannot find any of this. More importantly, I was shocked to see the content of this site, because I think is counter productive for the white house to be affiliated with this kind of humor in these very serious dangerous times where we should be trying to win the hearts and support of middle america, and any rational people on the left willing to listen. I think this turns off many of these people who visit this site, looking for real info, to hate bush even more, and this is already such a dangerous phenomenon. Bush and the war on terror would be much better served if you changed the name of your website so it does not appear that this is the official policy and words and jokes of the president, or at least make it MUCH CLEARER on the home page that this is just a joke and not official. BTW, where do I get the transcripts of his recent speeches?

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