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Every day, tens of thousands of people from all around the globe come to kneel at the political altar of WHITEHOUSE.ORG and GeorgeWBush.org. A small, unedited sampling of their voluminous feedback follows:

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DATE = 07/14/2006
SUBJECT = i want to marry an black American christian
NAME = Nelson
MESSAGE = yes, i want the President to help me marry a black Ameriacan Christian. thanks and God bless.

DATE = 07/10/2006
SUBJECT = Feedback
NAME = R.L.Underwood
MESSAGE = Well, I DID have feedback.But since you warn that any and all comments must be positive, (or will be interpreted as acts of treason), that in itself should reduce your emails by, oh, 75%. You leave me no choice but to limit my negative comments to your introduction, which by the way smacks of political intimidation, and not to any person, place, or position of my great country.

DATE = 07/09/2006
SUBJECT = Invitation
NAME = egroeg
MESSAGE = Hi, I understand that Bush had his party on 7/6/06. Why were only "neo-conservatives" invited? Any other president would have invited everyone.

DATE = 07/08/2006
SUBJECT = fuck you faggots. Liberal gay fuckers.
NAME = fuck you faggot america haters
MESSAGE = u people think you know pain????? How'd you like to be locked up with all those other rag-headed fuckers in GTMO all while getting pounds of steel up your gay asses from some badass Marines who don't fuck around. Well, thats what yall deserve being america bashers. you should be thankful for your freedom but all you can do is bash our president. Stop fucking with our troops. They sacrifice their lives for your faggot asses. Go live in Iraq or in a cave with Bin Laden where you belonggg, that is, if you can get out of america without getting your faggot girl cock sucking asses kickced by some patriotic badass "republicans". Real americans will squash you faggots like dough or gum on the bottom of your shoes, like the worthless dog shit that you are or could ever aspire to become. You are all shit-sucking maggots. You faggots are Tom Cruise, Micheal Moore's personal dick suckers. I bet they like it when you are sucking their cocks! Get out of america if you hate it so much.
-Patriotic Republican Badass motherfucking Marine, Holy crusher of faggots and liberal cock suckers who hate america. Holy Protector and Guardian of America against cock sucking faggot ass liberals who suck other liberal cock like micheal moore.

DATE = 07/07/2006
SUBJECT = Please read
NAME = john
MESSAGE = 1. What you are guilty of is Libel and slander. Mostly Libel. Read a god damned book and get educated about the fucking democrats. If you learned something youd realize they are fucking worse than the republicans dick. fuck you and you Libel website. Im going to talk to every damn lawyer i know about this bullshit that you say the president and other officials are saying that isnt true. And especially what ann coulter supposedly said. You are nothing more than a "white" prob shit stained collar criminal

DATE = 07/06/2006
SUBJECT = I have secret information one air -an
NAME = Mikalai
MESSAGE = My name is Mikalai Dukarevish.Otnesitesi to my letter seriously and in secret between you and me. I live in Belarus city Vitebsk, in our country occurs the breach of the human rights,full dictatorship, no freedom of speech, yes you and themselves know; aware what order entered the so-called president Lukashenko.Well shall well go to deal, I have secret information one air -an of the soldierly part, and etc I want you this reports , think you this information will very interesting.That to concern to secrecy,nobody does not know about me that I have by such information,my e-meil [EXCISED]@yahoo.com Yours faithfully Mikalai Dukarevish

DATE = 07/04/2006
SUBJECT = really?
NAME = Ben Dean
MESSAGE = I love how blatantly bigotted your web site is. It's unfortunate how you have to resort to hate to get your message accross. I am tired of seeing liberal this liberal that blacks do this fags do that. Why don't you do some research on subjects rather than get your information from a one sided source. This is America, home of the free, not home of the you can only do as I say. This country is turning into a country of religious zealots who only want you to believe what they do and that is not what this country was founded for. We came here for our religious freedoms, to escape religious persecution, and now look at what is happening, it's starting all over again. The president has been wrong in every decision he has made. open your eyes for once in your life, and see the damage that he has created under a military driven white house.

DATE = 07/03/2006
MESSAGE = You are a bunch of sick people and want of destroy our country...do what you need to me but I don't care...I think you are selfish sick non-human beings and you have no values...other than greed. I hope you get what you deserve in another life or this one...how can you call youselves americans OR HUMANS...you are the most disGusting things I HAVE EVER HEARD OF..i HOPE YOU HAVE THE MOST HORIBLE THINGS HAPPEN TO YOU AND YOU FAMILY....CANCER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

DATE = 06/30/2006
SUBJECT = we the pepole
NAME = amber
MESSAGE = I would like to know why pepole are being sent to jail and fined for a law that oregon voters passed for pepole to get grow pot for med reason?The goverment allows methdone for junkies and there not sent to prison what is wrong with this picture?We are the pepole we voted it in this is just wrong.Our veiws are wants are freedom is being taken by the pepole we surrpot with are hard working tax money.I understand that drugs are bad but pot is aplant if you go back in our history our four fathers smoked it thank you I know you guys are very busy but you the goverment should be supporting the pepole that pay you're bills

DATE = 06/29/2006
SUBJECT = bushfucking
NAME = fuckfromrussia
MESSAGE = Fuck off usa. you country is noob. The Moscow is a caital of the world. P.S. Fuck offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff usa

DATE = 06/24/2006
SUBJECT = Irac Entertainment Support.
NAME = Bill McLaughlin
MESSAGE = Hi: I am a Canadian who watches the activities on the media as to what is happening in Irac. I am not stupid enough to believe that everything I hear is true or accurate. I do however see a blank spot in the media that has nothing to do with terroriosts. It is the total lack of entertainment by big names in your country trying to help ease the long months (12)for those who are stuck there and may find the time really boring because of inactivity in their particular area. I say shame on the entertainment community for not making sure that they are helping your troops. Why is it that Opra,or some other national figure is not providing very important and necessary entertainment to yopur troops. Remember Bob Hope.Well you should have someone maybe more modern that fills that bill. I would think that someone in United States by now would have asked the media personalities why they are so selfish when it comes to doing something for their countrymen. This is short and I can give you more if you are interested. Bill

DATE = 06/23/2006
NAME = pdorazio13
MESSAGE = If you want my advice nuke iraq. Go across the boarder and nuke iran.since were in the area might ass well nuke N korea. Thats my advice Mr. President.

DATE = 06/23/2006
SUBJECT = Borders
NAME = Terry Gabrich
MESSAGE = Mr. President, why are you foolish in an agreement with Canada and Mexico to do a way with our borders. Don't you realize that God wants sovereignty. You are going to subject our people to more violence and more illegal action that has never before hit our country. Why do you think that God is going to judge our country very severely. Soon, very soon; you will feel that the reprecussions of your actions. God will stand for much of it any more. You will see more violence in the streets with more and more hispanics killing each other off. You will witness the destruction of our once Christian Nation. God will come in and implement his own laws. He will drive the hispanics out of our country, and Canada also will not have access to our country. You plan will fail because God is not in it. Don't you think that it is about time you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior. Jesus Christ is coming soon, Now is the apprpriate time. I think that you better stop listening to the new world order people, and listen to what God is trying to tell you. Your plan will be a failure.

DATE = 06/23/2006
SUBJECT = Sedition
NAME = Tom Lowe
MESSAGE = It is time for America to review and enforce the Sedition Laws. Proud member of the 30+% backers of Bush. Tom Lowe Lukeville, Az

This is the low class that wants to run America...Never happen

DATE = 06/22/2006
SUBJECT = Your mother is your sister
NAME = This site is retarded
MESSAGE = Get a REAL job, idiots! All you whore for mothers would be proud of your gayness. Please, keep being queers so normal people like us can keep laughing at you.

DATE = 06/20/2006
NAME = Bob
MESSAGE = This is the absolute stupidest bullshit website I have EVER come across. I cant belive what lies you would feed to the American People. I read several articles including the article about masturbation. That is bullshit if parents did what you are advising them to do then teens would literally kill themselves. You are a waste and this website a pathetic garbage waste of binary. Get a life and stop feeding lies to the American People.

DATE = 06/16/2006
SUBJECT = The name: WhiteHouse
NAME = ron
MESSAGE = Where did you find that quote about Teddy Roosevelt's quote concerning changing the name of the executive mansion to the "White House." I need for a school report. Thanks so very much and God Bless America and God Bless President Bush

DATE = 06/16/2006
SUBJECT = 324125
NAME = you suck!
MESSAGE = what site is this? you all are really so free that you spend time making this non-usefull time-wasting kind of website. Really. if u hv talent to write/build website. better use it for useful thing that can benefit mankind(or at least make a littlee bit better) that almost rotten in this money and sex corrupted world!

DATE = 06/15/2006
SUBJECT = Website
NAME = Chad
MESSAGE = it appears that your website is dedicated and ran by extreme leftist liberals that closely follow the likes of the majority of journalists (legalized terrorists)

How unfortunate for the American people

DATE = 06/15/2006
NAME = Dumb
MESSAGE = Your site is a waste of webspace, jackass.

DATE = 06/11/2006
SUBJECT = You're sade
NAME = Bill Fisher
MESSAGE = You are sad individuals who evidently think you're pretty happening. You rail agaist those you don't understand and present your standing as fools to anyone who stumbles across your sad little attempt at cutting edge humor. You spew against your God and future Judge because you won't accept the free gift He offers you in this life only and against Christians and those whose beliefs are different than the path you've chosen to follow. You accuse people who think and act on their thoughts (like me) of being hate filled, intolerant and close minded when we're not. Actually, that is a much closer representation of yourself. History will judge the Bush Administration for where they've failed but will give him a much higher rating due to the successes President Bush has had and the efforts he has made in behalf of the people of this country, including goofballs like you. You don't ultimately harm anyone but yourselves, but unless you actually respond to the inner proddings the Lord has been giving you to look at the possibility that what all those Christians are saying is right (and which you are in rebellion against in your heart, as is your father), you will suffer the same ultimate eternal fate as your spiritual father who even know is trying to keep you from accepting the Truth which would set you free. Again, for you, that is a tragedy for all ages. For me, other than hating to see anyone reap the just rewards for their own hatred and rebellion, you are just one more pathetic voice, screaming for significance when you actually have none. And again, you're not funny. Just sad.

DATE = 06/11/2006
SUBJECT = Your adolescent humor is so cute
NAME = Jeff Weaver
MESSAGE = Is this website put together by high school students? Because it reminds me of the kids my 16 yo daughter hangs out with. I love the part where you say that any submission to this site has to be made by someone 18 years old or older. Haha! You know, any time a left wing group such as yourselves pokes fun at conservatives, it is always tinged with a kind of catty nastiness that, again, my daughter's group can sometimes fall into, at their worst mments. Who actually is amused by this stuff? If all ten of your subscibers find it funny, I would be surprised. OK, let me get this straight: You hate Jesus, you hate heterosexuals, you hate the traditional family, you love Al-Qaeda....why don't you finds someplace to live in this world that you agree with, if you hate the traditions that the U.S. was founded upon? Really, if you hate the American way so much, if you find it so disgusting, why don't you leave? That is a real question. Can you answer it? You would hate the Founding Fathers, right? You hate anything that is Christian, you hate anything and anyone that is patriotic, you hate anyone who tries to defend the Constitution(except the first amendment--you would hate even the 2nd amendment--right?), you hate any idea in support of a strong family...which are the values on which this country was founded...why, oh why don't you leave? Why? Please give me an honest answer. I am sure you, although toeing the democrat party line in every vote you cast(if you do vote at all), try your best to avoid paying taxes--right? You vote for h! igh taxes, and then evade the IRS like it was an evil institution. Yet you think the Federal government owes you something, like your mommy and daddy owed you your allowance as a child. Right? Please answer honestly, if you can.

DATE = 06/08/2006
SUBJECT = Gay Marriage
NAME = Jaffe Bourouphael
MESSAGE = Why do Republicans hate gays so much? Your article on Bush solving the "Homo problem" is garbage. God loves all of us, no matter what. Not one verse in the Bible blatantly criticises homosexuality. Maybe you should learn that.

DATE = 06/06/2006
MESSAGE = 6th June, 2006.

Dear Jenna,

How are you, I am waiting for your reply for a long time. I could not find why didn't send to me your reply.

You know that when I sent to you a message that you send my apology to Barbara and you really sent my apology to Barbara, you know that she wore a black dress and you were on her left side and she was on your left side and a man was also near by you(in front of you), and when you stopped telling my message to her, you went to right side and she(Barbara) was so angry. But....after that she calmed down.

Send my message again to Barbara that" Her Highness do you remember when you were in Pakistan in Rawalpindi city, near alahabad area, near west-ridge area, in you residence, your mother (First Lady) ordered me that I( Aamir Zia ) bring down your(Barbara's) bed and a pillow fell down and on this occasion you(Barbara) were so angry". I said to you, "Her Highness, this pillow mistakenly fell down, I request for the apology, please forgive me. I have no intention to make you angry, and I gave you an ice cream and the whole family, (the President, First Lady,I and Jenna and you) ate the the ice creams, and after that you were very happy and smiling. Do you remember that?

These are the beautiful moments I have spent with your sister Jenna, with you and and with your parents.

I hope you will send to me your reply as soon as possible, my e-mail is: [EXCISED].

Regards to President, First lady, you( Jenna & Barbara ),

Waiting for you reply soon.

( Aamir Zia )

DATE = 06/06/2006
SUBJECT = Are you kidding?
NAME = Kim
MESSAGE = I logged on hoping to get a few facts about the history of the White House to put some fun facts into my scrapbook after visiting Washington DC with my family and I read your fun facts which in my opinion were disgusting and inappropiate and far fetched.

DATE = 06/05/2006
SUBJECT = You are stupid
NAME = Janice Brumby
MESSAGE = This is the most stupid web site I have ever seen. If you had one tiny ioato of brain, you would get better writers. Thank God for our wonderful President George W. Bush. You can't stand it because he is a good decent man. You long for the day old slime ball willie clinton was still there, messing up the oval office. Too Bad! Nothing like being a republican winner! And nothing worse than being a left wing whacko idiot liberal. Bunch of kooks. God Bless Us. Jesus Bless us.

DATE = 06/04/206
SUBJECT = You guys fucking suck
NAME = jack behar
MESSAGE = Fuck you! Fuck you liberal fucks in all of your stupid asses! You burrito eating Mexican loving assholes should go back to Mexico with the illegal freeloading bastards in our country. Eat my Republican shit and like it!

DATE = 06/02/2006
SUBJECT = immigration
NAME = michael davis
MESSAGE = i contacted the white house last week and got no reply. i am just about fed up with not getting a fair shake, when i am one of many tax payers. i want my sister in-law to come here. legally. maybe i should buy a bus and deliver all the illegal immigrants back to mexico. try to do things by the law and get punished. answer me or i will do my very best to vote ALL republicans out of office. treat us legal people, or those trying to get here legal right. I like you and i stand behind you and our troups, but the red tape is getting rediculous!!!!

DATE = 06/02/2006
SUBJECT = Transcript of call with Lay
NAME = Felicia Curran
MESSAGE = You crossed the line in your comment about what a black man will do to Lay in prison. You didn't need to bring race in to do that joke. In the future, keep race out of it. It's offensive.

DATE = 06/01/2006
SUBJECT = protest worldwide witchcraft
NAME = Donald Gillen
MESSAGE = references national geograph mqagazine,tv,newsmedia and internet.tropical depperssion changed course off mexico a few days ago. I currently have a congressonal flag flying in valparaiso Florida for protest of world wide witchcraft. All I did was place a protest sign for worldwide witchcraft .2006.NObody else in the world is protesting that I know of.I am in the merchant marine 100 ton master and ablebodiseamen.my lisenses are expired .I moved from Sandiago but I did not resine as 78 cacuse of greater sandiago. I am currently a democrat princt captin 15 princt of okalossa county. have a great future. p.s. since when does a tornado strike a methodist church and kill a minsters son. The weather channel in Atlanta has been notafied.

DATE = 05/29/2006
SUBJECT = bush
NAME = troy b.odom
MESSAGE = i know bush sucks,but if kerry would won we would all be wearing what ragheads wear by now&smokingwhat they smoke.so back off!!!!

DATE = 05/28/2006
SUBJECT = Urgent!!
NAME = Luzanne Vanderschyff
MESSAGE = Dear mr. Bush - A Nigerian contacted me, his name is Proff. Charles C Soludo, well so he said... He said that he is from CBN and he is working with Pres. Bush to pay contractors back. Since my Mom told me about Nigerian guys marrying girls without them knowing, I'm a little paniced. He has some of my information but not my I.D. number. I just want to know if he (Charles) is speaking the truth. I would be very relieved if you can help me in this matter!! Thank you very very much.


DATE = 05/26/2006
SUBJECT = imigration/border security/economic
NAME = anthony valdez
MESSAGE = US BORDER PROPOSAL: This is an economic issue and can benefit both countries, and should not be labeled an immigration issue but rather an economic one.

I know that at first people are going to say that it canít be done. Well we are America and nothing is impossible for us. And for those that say it is too expensive, look at the money it would save over the years in other areas like military basing, transportation, border patrol Look at the revenue it would open up from new ports and open up new resort towns in both countries.

At the present time we have to go all the way to Panama to get from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Which cost a lost of money both for our Military and for passenger liners and for cargo liners. My proposal is that we go into a venture with Mexico to make a canal from the Pacific Ocean (San Diego) to the Gulf of Mexico, include a section to the Sea of Cortez.

There will need to be some border realignment negotiated with Mexico and have some give and take on both sides. Some towns may need to be relocated. In the end we would have new ports, have new Navel Bases, restricted border crossings, revenue from freight and luxury liners. Revenue from new towns sprouting up on the new coastline. All in all itís a win Ėwin situation for countries, Mexico would control the Sea of Cortez entry/exit and we would control the Pacific and gulf entries.

With beachfront property on both sides of the border and controlled ports of entries it would solve a lot of problems. Economically it is sound for both countries. Our people that might be moved off of theyíre land, we might trade them for some BLM land or just buy them out or both.

With having shipping lane channels for going both east and west, and having only a turn around at ports to go back if they didnít want to continue all the way to the other end. And have the shipping lanes defined by perforated cement piers coming up from out of the water to define the center and both of the shores. It would keep big fish like sharks from the beaches and in the center lanes making it an unwanted crossing to cross for illegal aliens.

Everyone that i have talked to thinks this would be a good thing.

Anthony Valdez

DATE = 05/25/2006
SUBJECT = You Suck
NAME = Evan
MESSAGE = Nice attempt, but the world is much more complex... Stop taking notes from your old college liberal profs and start paying attention to reality. This site sucks. Your life sucks and you know it. You have no real values worth mentioning. Its not about Jerry Falwell or your portrayal of the so called far right, its about your inability to look in the mirror and realize the truth. Where are your parodies of Al Sharpton or Mr. Al Franken? Fair and balnaced you are not! BTW -- where are your articles about Iran, Putin, Hugo Chavez? Apparently it is more important for you to degrade Bush.

Losers... but you will never know or realize it.

DATE = 05/24/2006
SUBJECT = Ahmadinejad Letter Article
MESSAGE = Excuse me, but the language you use in the so-called President's response to Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is disgusting. You say things like Persians "write in a language that looks and sounds like retard camels fucking each other up the ass". Stop it with your degrading insults. The Persian people are a very good group of people. Figure it out.

DATE = 05/22/2006
SUBJECT = phone taping
NAME = brenda beals
MESSAGE = I would like to say that my country can have my phone # with my blessing. and you can leas-on any time you wont. If it will help in protecting my grand kids byAllmeans have it (707)[EXCISED] thank you for your time. Grandma Brenda.

DATE = 05/19/2006
SUBJECT = Improper Hosting
NAME = Robert Mendelson
MESSAGE = I wrote a question to Vice-President Cheney's daughter and before and after I was asked to send the question to other "fellow Republicans" What a partisian question to ask and how dare you hold a party banner over a communication with our White House, not the Rebuplican White House, but the White House of the entire United States. The executive branch are Americans First Republicans last! This is not the place to separate the citizenry, it is the place to unite the people. If you want to divide a country go to Iraq, their politicians are masters of party politics.

DATE = 05/18/2006
SUBJECT = round of golf
NAME = tim smith
MESSAGE = Hey pres , was wandering if you have the time to play a round of golf with a fellow american.

great job

tim smith

DATE = 05/16/2006
SUBJECT = Mass slaughter of human life
NAME = K. Frances Dacey
MESSAGE = To whomever it may concern,
Blatanly joking about the mass murder of unborn babies is nothing to joke about. Neither is the painful death of innocent women like Terri Schindler-Schiavo (or as you prefer to call her, a "vegetard"). That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen regarding a poor human being. So is the death penalty joke about Jeb Bush. God works so hard to make life. What right do we have to take it away? You ought to pray to God that you're forgiven for every thing you've said on this site of yours.

DATE = 05/16/2006
SUBJECT = please HELP save this Christians job.
NAME = Del Sayre
MESSAGE = I pray for your continued success. I am being descriminated against my christian beliefs ever day. In a company that has become primarily HOMO. In Columbus,Ohio which I have been told is now the 3rd largest Homo city. I have 29 years in the company and slowly loosing my job. The Company used to belong to GENERAL ELECTRIC when we were sold 2 years ago the new company is more than rapidly becoming gay. I need to discuss this problem with you Mr. President.

DATE = 05/12/2006
SUBJECT = Bastards
NAME = Mauliav
MESSAGE = Sigh, how can people like you possibly exist? I can't believe that America has trash like this one their sites. People try to promote tolerance, and yet this site shows me the reason prejudice is so common in our society. What a crap ass site, you guys act like little brats!

DATE = 05/12/2006
NAME = charlotte preston
MESSAGE = dear president buch my name is charlotte and when i was 18 yrs i was turned down by the marines becaue i was pregnant and the recruiter that came to my house tried to get my husband to let me go and he would not. I tried again after divorceing him in 2001 and was told that I have too many kids. I am sorry but the last time I looked there was no age limit on what you could do, and it DID NOT matter what your family status was. I think that I deserve the right to defend my family and friends and my country just as much as he next guy . Mr. President if you could see it in your heart PLEASEgive me a chance. THANK you CHARLOTTE preston my phone number is [EXCISED]

DATE = 05/11/2006
NAME = Steve Stunning
MESSAGE = You've got to be kidding, abstanence? Hell I can't even spell it.Who the fuck died and made you ruler.How's blow me Bush, you fucking Hitler wanna be . Go ahead and put me in jail for treason you fucking prick , I need a damn break . I can't afford the gas money to go to work anyway. Oh by the way I loved your speach on TV about why gas was so high, it looked like you had a hard time keeping a straight face , while your pal was giving himself a $400 million dollar reward for theft of the nation. So once again BLOW ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DATE = 05/10/2006
SUBJECT = not a joke

DATE = 05/09/2006
SUBJECT = wrong.
NAME = elle
MESSAGE = I happen to think that Sesame Street is a completely respectable television program. This site is an abhorrence to the Internet and people in general. Desipicable.

DATE = 05/09/2006
SUBJECT = band alcohol from florida
NAME = nancy_wulff
MESSAGE = take away the beer wine and hard liqure from florida in all stores gas stations and bars and resturants...Tequila comes from mexico i think... the Mexicans and cubans see what happens clean up Florida and see where they go or what they will do..Maybe some of them will sober up and stopp driving drunk and killing people behind the wheel..Most are all young teenagers 18-30..Shut down our Beer plants and winerys and a band on italy on wine coming in... Dr's want us to loose the weight..How about the beer belly men..get rid of alchohol and lets get a grip on reality...Thats a hard decsion to make but if you take away everything what is there left to party for...Coors beer plant is in GOlden colorado... pyschiatric drugs puts weight on people if there medicated and fat thats why...resperdal puts 90 pounds on people... lets clean up florida see what our problems are... you need to solve the problem instead of being in the problem...lets find a solution to band alcohol and reform people back to health and reeducation them....have a wonderful week If the mexicans go back the blacks can work again in the farms and feilds...im gone take care... do something solid

DATE = 05/08/2006
SUBJECT = your site
NAME = Bill Bergadano
MESSAGE = after seeing your site I must ask- how does it feel to be scumball losers?

DATE = 05/05/2006
SUBJECT = I Don't think this is funny
MESSAGE = Show a little, no alot of respect for our President, Vice President and the rest of our elected officials. I think you have carried this humor way too far. We are blessed to have a country that allows as much freedom as we have here but that does not mean we should not show descreation in our behaviors. Try this again. I am not saying you don't have the right to show humor but use some judgment here please.

DATE = 05/05/2006
SUBJECT = The White House
NAME = Mattew Hoggatt
MESSAGE = I can't believe there is stupid/retarded people working in this incoherent web site. Get a real job and try to help people instead of making fun of them! Grow up people.

DATE = 05/05/2006
SUBJECT = i wonder what condoleezza rice eat
NAME = ha phuoc trieu
MESSAGE = just for curiosity i wonder what dr condoleezza rice eat could it be that she eat indian food like curry chicken or curry lamb or curry seafood over basmati rice and did you know that curry is indian people favorite dish and basmati rice is the number one rice in the world because it smell and taste best and basmati rice also originated from india me myself i eat curry chicken and curry lamb over basmati rice at the indian restaurant all the time i can tell you this i never taste anything like it

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