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Every day, tens of thousands of people from all around the globe come to kneel at the political altar of WHITEHOUSE.ORG and GeorgeWBush.org. A small, unedited sampling of their voluminous feedback follows:

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DATE = 12/17/2005
NAME = Tom Garretson
MESSAGE = I'am sorry. I thought this was an American site. OH my Gosh, I did'nt know this was a Anti-American group. Well Loose your collar, kneel and smile while they cut your head off.

What do you think the Americans, with thier hands and feet tied behind them, thought while thier heads were cut off, they screamed and cried. There was know one there to help them or care for them or tell them thier rights. There was only the agony of thier death. You can watch thier death on line anytime you wish! OH! I'm sorry. You may not like that because, you think we are the evil ones right? OK! I call you cowards. Watch thier deaths on line. See thier agony, and think, this could be you!

When you get what you want. That is the end of America. I what you to know. It will be your heads they, the enemy of this great nation, will remove first. Because you think!!!!!!!! Think about it!

DATE = 12/15/2005
SUBJECT = This web site
NAME = Mack
MESSAGE = This is the most outrageous web site on the net. Totally anti-American. I will never visit this site again.

DATE = 12/14/2005
SUBJECT = military
NAME = Harold Strauss
MESSAGE = With what we are facing in todays world, we definately need a larger military force backed by an increase in our reservists. We will have to pay, but it is a necessary cost. I would additionally suggest the re-deployment of military bases along our borders for training and use to prevent illegal entry of undesirable nationals and subversives. The white house should realize that these people have no visable means of supporting themselves, therfore an increase in the crime rate is inevitable.

DATE = 12/14/2005
SUBJECT = entertainment
NAME = pamela byes
MESSAGE = My name is Pamela Byes, the administrator asst. for the United Jam Society. The CEO/President is Mark Adam Wood, Jr. the leadsinger/founding member of the legendary funk band known worldwide as Lakeside and for the classic Fantastic Voyage. Mr. Wood, has launched his solo works. One of his singles from his new cd is The Pride Take "Pride Of The USA." This is a powerful single that is dedicated to the troops, caregivers and loved ones. The Pride is a song for others who help heal and defend others. Mr. Wood wishes to send you an internet audio presentation (IAP) of which you can click on for your listening purposes. Should you be interested and can visual Mr. Wood performing this song at the white house, please contact him at your earliest convenience.

DATE = 12/13/2005
SUBJECT = No child left behind
NAME = mary hall
MESSAGE = My child is left behind she is sixteen and reading at a 4th grade level, she wants to become a doctor if might take a life time. Autumn loves basket ball but every team she trys out for cuts her so she still left behind. Please contact concern mother. Ms M Hall

DATE = 12/12/2005
SUBJECT = deaths in U.S. civilian jobs
NAME = Londy Raynor
MESSAGE = Hi.. I was just going to say, there's so much news about every soldier who dies. Why doesn't the same coverage go for police officers, fireman, security people and the like, they're just like our military, they sign up and know the risks they are taking...thanks..Londy

DATE = 12/07/2005
SUBJECT = christmas at the white house
NAME = cindy brown
MESSAGE = Do you feel guilty using all that fresh fruit to decorate with,when so many people have lost everything this year? Seems to me FRUIT was the wrong choice..... I think this year should have been the year to give to those in need.

just watching

DATE = 12/06/2005
SUBJECT = Katrina
NAME = Diane O'Brien
MESSAGE = Dear Mr. President,
I am watching the news as I write this. I am so tired of the negatism from New Orleans. Everyone has done for them, the best of one's ability. Houston Texas has been really wonderful to these folks. Most seem to be appreciative. These victoms have been given more than Houston's own victoms. My mother lost her home and unreplaceable valuables in that flood alone with many of the neighbors in that community. I havent seen where any of these people that I have contact with act as though they should be put on a pedistool for their misfortunes. These people who are whining on my television everynight and day one down before the storm and will continue to be parasites because thats what the democrats created....a cripple group of people. I see these same people staying on welfare and medicaid for most of these people they think we owe them life. These same people want to get what they can out of the system. Its ashamed that they miss the mark of the real value of life. I think your doing a wonderful job. God bless you Mr. President, Laura and the twins.

DATE = 12/06/2005
SUBJECT = Listen
NAME = screwyou.com
MESSAGE = Look at you all, making a page like this, discriminating against every one who isnt like you... wait... who does that sound like??? Bush! Make a sight that is this disriminative and childish is no better than what Bush does. You are falling to the level of a man who has no true ablility to care about others. And you call your selves Republicans, you call your selves good people. I am 15 years old, and I know better than to act like a four year old. These petty games are nothing but sad and revolting. You would think that adults could be adult enough to be adults, and show teens, the future of this country that republicans are BETTER! But with sights like these, it just makes me feel discusted that I ever believed that republicans could rise about those like Bush. I pitty you, and the world should too, because pitty is the least respect in the world you can reseive and from what I see, every one who acts the way you have in creating this sight, that is all that you deserve.

DATE = 12/05/2005
NAME = Jim
MESSAGE = Please I beg of you. Please place something somewhere so that people who are not smart enough to tell this is a parody site be able to tell it is a parody site. I'm ok with the idiots that are offended by your sense of humor. But there are those who seem to be truly offended because they think you are serious. Please help the stupid ones with their hearts in the right place.

DATE = 12/04/2005
SUBJECT = You are the true terrorists!
NAME = Nancy Noonan
MESSAGE = I thought the worst American tragedy of all times was the 911 attacks, but after reading your site, I'm not so sure which one is worst. Make no mistake, you are as deadly and malevolent as Khalid Almihdhar, Majed Moqed, Nawaf Alhazmi and any of those 2001 mass-murderers.

You've HIJACKED one of our most valuable national treasures: the White House Domain name!

You've CRASHED IT AGAINST THE TWIN TOWERS that constitute the American Spirit: Christianity and Government.

You've DESTROYED THE LIVES OF THOUSANDS OF INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZENS. How many won't be able to look at our President the same way after reading your site?

It escapes to me why our Commander In Chief hasn't sent a steadfast hunt for your heads--like he did with Osama Bin Laden--but believe me, he will.

This won't be forgotten and your time will come, like it has to all the enemies of our Beloved Country.

DATE = 12/04/2005
SUBJECT = Your Wrong
NAME = Dobathin
MESSAGE = I went through your opinions on child masturbation and it is a fact that the male body has a need to release sexual tention. Whether or not this is done through masturbation or not. Thank you for reading... Dobathin.

DATE = 12/04/2005
SUBJECT = mean
NAME = Brian Glatz
MESSAGE = I am POSITIVELY disapointed in your bash of Cheney. Do you really think the President and Vice President would see that kids die in order to make money? Give me a break. Also, you ought to respect the super power that our military is. I can't believe you have material that calls the president a whore. Dispicable! Positively dispicable that is. Wondering what the hell you're doing with this website. Enough of the bashing and lets see some morale and patriotism. Imagine this garbage (your website) existed in 1944. Hell, I guess it would be in German or perhaps Japanese- that is if you were even allowed to have a computer. Liberalism is fundamentally flawed. Save yourselves and get back to the basics of family and values. Have a pleasant day.

DATE = 12/04/2005
SUBJECT = "Strategy for victory" poster.
NAME = Daniel Howard
MESSAGE = This is in regard to your "Victory In Iraq" parody poster.


Don't you realize how demoralizing this may be to all our troops? It's clear that you and only you are to blame for our overhanging defeat in the Middle East. You people make me sick.

DATE = 12/03/2005
SUBJECT = You fucks are zombies
NAME = J. Williams
MESSAGE = Your fucking zombies of the ultra-liberal idiots who once ruled this country. Get your fucking heads out of their lie-spewing-assholes and learn to think for yourselfs.


DATE = 12/02/2005
NAME = Miriam Hirsch
MESSAGE = Unsubscribe me this very fucking minute, you dumb asses. You are a satirical department store for christ sake not a national security secret. Get the picture, you annoying pimples on a senator's arse?

DATE = 12/02/2005
SUBJECT = Is this supposed to annoy me?
NAME = Not a liberal shithead
MESSAGE = Is this suppose to annoy me? Is this supposed to make fun of what makes our country GREAT? You fucking liberals wouldn't know how to make a joke even if Old-Fart Carlin'd tattoo it in your sorry asses!

I just bought a T-shirt that says "Hippies Smell." Now, TOP THAT, you smelly hippies!

DATE = 12/02/2005
SUBJECT = You are scum
NAME = True American
MESSAGE = You people wouldn't recognize an original thought if it crawled up your wrinkled ass, pitched a tent and spent a week barbequing an entire pig.

DATE = 12/02/2005
NAME = Justin
MESSAGE = Varitable shitpot of hilarity, i am turning republican as i type.

DATE = 12/01/2005
SUBJECT = fuck the shit out of you
NAME = no name
MESSAGE = yes this is a guy who is latino and who ever wrote the 10 bill of rights about mexi-rician or some shit like that is pure shit. u know i'm talking to u piece of shit. u are just so fucking jealous that u can't do shit. not even nothing. and hopefully u will go to hell fucking racist. people like u don't deserve to live here

DATE = 12/01/2005
SUBJECT = Absolutely Amazing
MESSAGE = I've at last stumbled upon the most anti-American website ever created in the history of ignorant, defeatist, pieces of shit. Good grief; you pathetic excuses for humans should go ahead and put yourselves out of your misery - hell, abort yourselves; isn't that the only thing that really makes you happy? Stop the war but kill as many babies as possible; you guys really are the smartest and most compassionate. Haven't you realized that you're never going to win? You're pathetically blinded by your own ignorance. Do your family a favor and practice what you preach; abort yourselves you bunch of worthless cunts.

DATE = 12/01/2005
SUBJECT = Treasonously Insolent Vertebrates
NAME = Mildy Overbey
MESSAGE = Democrats are not guilty of treason, and the vice president's comments should not be taken seriously by any American who truly loves freedom.

DATE = 12/01/2005
SUBJECT = Faith, Christian
NAME = Paul Edmondson
MESSAGE = I am truly offended at your depiction of Christianity and your spirit if hate that accompanies it. Some day you will explain that to your Maker on bended knee.

DATE = 11/30/2005
MESSAGE = I sincerely hope that you folks get arrested sometimes soon for aiding and abetting our enemies in the real important war against Islamo-fascism that folks like you are undermining.

You know all too well that too many Americans are too ignorant not to realize before leaving your website that it's not legit. Perhaps the judge will be little lenient with you if you add a blinking message on each page saying "This website is not the one you're looking for. You probably want www.whitehouse.gov We're the one that tries to be funny."

DATE = 11/30/2005
SUBJECT = Your website is truly insightful to those who hate the United States
NAME = Brian Griffith
MESSAGE = You liberal democrates are beyond help.

DATE = 11/30/2005
SUBJECT = Real Funny
MESSAGE = I think it is great that our nation protects free speech. Although this site makes my blood boil, (which is your purpose) it is your freedom to spread hate and discontent and do your best to mislead Americans and foreigners alike. Could you imagine living in a country where speaking your mind would get you killed? That would suck.

God Bless America, where you can be critical of its moral fiber, mock its majority, and belittle the patriots in the name of free speech. May this site fall on deaf ears, and people see it for the empty thoughtlessness it represents.

DATE = 11/30/2005
SUBJECT = War in Iraq
NAME = Juavana Reed
MESSAGE = I think the people of the U.S. would be more supportive of the war if it had been announced that Sadaam had been the target of the 9-11 terroist act against the U.S. instead of being told it was Ben Laden, and we could feel safe and secure in knowing that the president went after him as opposed to after a country that was supposed to have nuclear weapons that was never found. Because the direct threat was the destruction done to the U.S. and not by Sadaam. But as for now we have our own issues to resolve right here in the U.S., as opposed to trying to make Iraq more democratic. We have terroist abuse on minorities by police officers all over the U.S. and the people here are more afraid of that than the terroist in Iraq. My suggestion is save some money on the prisons and send the murderers, armed robbers and such in the prisons who are in for life to the war in Iraq, train them, they seem to like killing anyway, it will cut down on the gangs in the prisons and sav! e the government and taxpayers some money.

DATE = 11/29/2005
SUBJECT = what a joke.
NAME = peter zorbas
MESSAGE = The rhetoric found on this site with regards to the "liberal media" is unacceptable, and highly indicative of the coercive tactics this administration glees upon.

"Scumbag" is the sort of word that would be used to best describe Dubya, not the media. At least we can enjoy free media while it lasts.

The White House's sponsorship of all this homosexuality bashing, and rhetoric with respect to liberal media is highly disregarded in my opinion, especially when it most certainly will change when a new administration is represented in your oval toilet.

I wanted to say as a proud Canadian that the USA was a frontrunner in representing the liberties of all men, woman, and thing. Despite the current volatility of the world today rather than comforting the gentiles into better times, and prosperity, you negate the absolute facts, wash the board and forget in essence what the USA is. Maybe it is time for all you gay bashing Americans to start reading your constitution and amendments. I am disappointed in you and your country for much of the problems we face. How long will it last? This ship can't sail forever; I hope you have outfitted your Titanic with many life vests.

With kindest regards

Peter Zorbas

Ps this will also be forwarded to all “Liberal Media” centres with an re eh.

DATE = 11/29/2005
SUBJECT = Holiday Recipes
NAME = Patty Smith
MESSAGE = I tried to make the Cowboy Cookies recipe and it didn't work at all. I think that maybe someone didn't copy it right.

DATE = 11/29/2005
SUBJECT = What the **** is wrong with you
NAME = Christian
MESSAGE = This site is screwed up beyobd all comprehension, close to everything on this site is a lie. I am PROUD to serve in the Air National Guard but in no way am I proud of the "scumbag homo" who came up with this site (YES I KNOW ITS A PARODY SITE but that changes nothing)

Oh and by the way If you are supposedly so much of a christian you would know that the greatest gift God gave us is Free Will, and you can't manipulate others` "free will" and expect to go to Heaven.

DATE = 11/28/2005
NAME = Gabriel Eriksson
MESSAGE = Hi, my name is Gabriel.
i´m 17 tears old. I live in Sweden. I just want you to know that this site "www.whitehouse.org" is very bad. It encourage kids to buy guns, and execute people. If you press "For kids only" and then "patriotic coloring", you will see pictures of kids with blond hair, kids with guns, and kids about to execute someone. If you compair that to what Hitler did to the children in Germany... This is actually very scary.. What is the differens between Hitler and George W Bush?? Hitler wanted to rule the world and so do George W Bush. Hitler killed a lot of people and so have George W Bush. He don´t care whats happening to the people in Iraq. He thinks that they are all terrorists. I just want you to know that we in europe hate USA. Because you are sp selfish. Just because theres a terrorist hiding in a country doesent mean that you can bomb that country. Theres a lot more i want to say.. but this will be enough for today.

DATE = 11/26/2005
SUBJECT = Internet fraud
NAME = Jose Alberto Garcia
MESSAGE = Dear president George W.Bush today i went in my computer and i have cyber criminals.,I tried to go in www.webdate.com and the website does not work,i have cyber criminals and internet fraud.,I live at [ADDRESS EXCISED],My telephone number is [EXCISED] and my cellular phone number is [EXCISED].Please i need you to investigate my cyber criminals and internet fraud i have in my computer. Jose Alberto Garcia.,My e-mail address is [EXCISED]

DATE = 11/26/2005
SUBJECT = Cut down video game prices
NAME = Michael Carrillo
MESSAGE = Bush, please cut down the prices of video games, please so we gamers can have a better time actually PLAYING games ok thank you.

DATE = 11/24/2005
SUBJECT = Pathetic
NAME = Brent Stokes
MESSAGE = Not going to go in much detail here because its not hard to see that this site is about unpatriotic as it gets. I am in the american military and to ignorant crap like this only strengthens my reasoning on why I do the job I do. Had you been in some other country there is no way you would have this type of freedom to be able to blatantly slander not only our President and Commander in Chief but OUR country. This is not new though and I only hope that ignorant imbicils such as yourself could actually have just a sample of the patriotic feeling I have every morning I wake up and put on my uniform to fight for your privelege to be stupid. What irks me the most though is that you couldnt leave it at that, you have a link on your page for children. You are a pathetic peice of shit and I hope you rot in hell!

DATE = 11/23/2005
SUBJECT = al Qaeda
MESSAGE = At a party, I heard somebody mention that there is an increasing number of Arabic women from the middle East having their babies here to take advantage of the automatic U.S. citizenship. When these babies are old enough to be terrorists, they can easily return to the U.S. as American citizens with American passports!

DATE = 11/23/2005
SUBJECT = 100% positive
NAME = thomas m. shea
MESSAGE = suggesting to change a holiday. the fourth of july on a monday or a friday to make it a three day weekend. if it wasn.t for the fourth of july we wouldn,t have any holidays to celebrate!!

DATE = 11/22/2005
SUBJECT = Flowers for President Bush for Thanksgiving
NAME = Linda Lindgren
MESSAGE = We received a wire order for fresh floral arrangement to be delivered to President and Mrs. Bush. Secret Service at the Western White House would not accept the flowers and said that we have to get permission from the Washington White House staff to make the delivery. Please contact us at 866.735.1100. Thank you, Linda Lindgren Forever Flowers Waco

DATE = 11/20/2005
SUBJECT = torture poster
MESSAGE = that shit you pull off is really fucking hillarious. there was no torture in Abu Ghraib that's just a liberal myth. Christians don't torture people asswipes. Only sandworms in the middle east do that except for people in Israel. fuck off. DATE = 11/18/2005
NAME = john harris
MESSAGE = you are not even close to being humorous. God Bless America

DATE = 11/18/2005
SUBJECT = Joe McCarthy
NAME = kirk kutch
MESSAGE = The myth of Joe McCarthy as being an out of control senator, falsely accusing "innocent" men and women of communist spying has long been debunked with the fall of the Soviet Union.

Try reading, it's a tremendous cure for ignorance!

Unless you're an American hating, freedom hating communist yourself. In that case... carry on.

DATE = 11/17/2005
SUBJECT = More of the same
NAME = David Thompson
MESSAGE = As usual. No answers from you guys. Only slander and hate. You really need a new playbook. And now you're about to lose the Supreme Court. How does it feel?

DATE = 11/17/2005
SUBJECT = robots
NAME = Queen Brown
MESSAGE = Dear Mr.Bush: I have a solution for fighting in the Irab country, They can not be trusted they lie at every turn to get more time from us. I suggest that robots be put out in front of the vehicles and way in front of the walking soldiers. this would curb the killing of our men women.

DATE = 11/15/2005
SUBJECT = This website is...
NAME = Thomas
MESSAGE = It is sad that who ever waste their time doing this has no better thing to do by slander a great man. The people who run this organization should be ashamed of themselves and pray that God will help them find the correct path.

DATE = 11/15/2005
SUBJECT = Battle
NAME = Jean Pierre
MESSAGE = You people may have won a couple of battles, but you have not won the war. You people in your feeble attempts to topple everything that is moral are waking the giant! The consevative giant in this country is waking. They are sick and tired of your venom and lies.

DATE = 11/12/2005
SUBJECT = Question
NAME = Tiffany
MESSAGE = Mr President,

I write this with the utmostrespect for you and your office. I'm a huge supporter of the war in Iraq , you many tax cuts, and you efforts to bring morality back into politics (and hopefully the Supreme Court).

This is my problem my girlfriend and I went way back ago I was having problems with my ex he is latino he was into Voodoo and I had a conversation with my girlfriend who moved to California she told me that a weird lady came to her work dressed with beads and told me that Voodoo is real she said she's not crazy but her cat was hissing at her and she spoke to one of her friend's and told her she should have a cross so she held her cross up to her cat . I was in California and happen to have gotten a job offer by psychics in Hollywood.I did get help while I was in California but not now, now I"m being harrassed.

P.S. I told my cop friend about it on his machine 12:35pm 11/12/2005 no help he is about my girlfriend telling me .

Tiffany Jill Rose

DATE = 11/12/2005
SUBJECT = comment
NAME = Maha Alemara
MESSAGE = http://www.whitehouse.org/iraq/facts.asp I was looking at this horrible fallacious article about iraq, which is insulting iraqies as a nation in general. i am an iraqi american, and the way this article described iraq and the iraqi people is hideous. I don’t appreciate the way this article described us the Iraqi people, because Iraqi is a very educated and on it’s way on becoming one of the best nations in the world.

DATE = 11/10/2005
SUBJECT = up yours!
NAME = djmdgl
MESSAGE = i hope all of you wimpy communist sissies get what you want. someone to take care of you because you are too lazy take of yourselves and want someone else to do that. and you can send this to any of your suck ass buddies that you want. when the terrorists come to your town, think about what it!!! when your ass is in ten million pieces!!!! What did you say?

DATE = 11/10/2005
SUBJECT = Christmas tree
NAME = Laura Efird
MESSAGE = I was thinking about a TV special that I saw on decorating the White House Christmas Tree. My thought was that instead of buying so many decorations and paying someone to design it, why don't you consider this: Make a website that can be accessed only by the immediate families of fallen service members, from the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan, via SS# of the service member. Place a template of a heart (much like the heart on the card that the President is reading in the picture on this site)to be downloaded. The families will then download the template and design an ornament that is in remembrance of the fallen service member. I feel that it would have much more meaning to the country than a "store bought" look. It would represent the Heart of our nation at it's best. My husband is currently an active duty soldier and has served his country well for nineteen years. I love him dearly and what an honor it would be to remember him in such a way, if our family was so unfortunate as to lose him.

DATE = 11/09/2005
SUBJECT = My kid really appreciated this
NAME = Dan Noble
MESSAGE = I went online with my 10 year old to www.whitehouse.gov for her first school project online. Nice, safe. She went back to the site and made an honest mistake (her elementary school site ends with "org") and put in www.whitehouse.org. Another reason why scum sites like yours should be banned. Could one of you please stop by my house and explain what Masturbation and the Whitehouse have in common? This is not negative critism. Your site is essentially "targeted" toward children. What is the point? I really love your legal notice where the submitter acknowledges that they are 18 years or older, especially given the deceptive nature of your website's name.

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