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Every day, tens of thousands of people from all around the globe come to kneel at the political altar of WHITEHOUSE.ORG. A small, unedited sampling of their voluminous feedback follows:

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SUBJECT = Janet Reno collapsed at UR not NYU
NAME = Michael Bevilacqua-Linn
MESSAGE = Dear fuckheads. Thank you for printing Bush's address reguarding Janet Reno. I suppose it's too much to ask for Bush to actually read a newspaper or figgure out how to operate a modern television, however, you might want to make sure that next time he gets his facts straight. Janet Reno did not collapse in front of the liberal elite lawyers in training at NYU but in front of the elite right wing reactionary ivory tower academics at my very own University of Rochester. Give my reguards to the commander in chief.

-Michael Bevilacqua-Linn

SUBJECT = movie treatments buisness hopes with Carrie Fisher,etc.
NAME = Thomas Earl Welch
MESSAGE = Dear,First Lady Bush,Thank you for the e-mail that I recieved as you did your part for the war effort in the West Wing e- mail pool.I asked in a e-mail recently that possibly you could talk to Carrie Fisher about Ray D.O. the treatment of mine that I have sent information to the president about.You may know of it as you are in the e-mail room.The feedback I sent to Carrie Fisher today is regarding a treatment I will send her notes about as soon as I send this and write that.I so hope that you have time to scan this and give some consideration to my request.The idea I address today is in my opinion a movie idea that will help the republican effort as well as tell an exciteing and timely idea.I hope to get a deal for Ray D.O. in the new budget President Bush is putting forward on the 4th,next Monday.This answers to a degree the cause of setting in motion political motivations for the next set of elections.I read an article in todays Daily News,which prompted me to send this and stated intent.I think it would be more comfortable for Ms.Carrie Fisher to speak to you as I have sent my ides to the whitehouse,to the President that is.Also I have made known my great interest in Carrie Fisher.

NAME = Jesse Mitten
MESSAGE = dear george bush
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppp! dawg juss chillen yeh me 2 good luck

{p.s. the taliban r gay mother @#$%&*!}

from jesse tyler mitten

NAME = Wannabe white-hat hacker
MESSAGE = I don't even beleive this is a real official site of the white house. I don't agree with the trash talk on here. I don't have to do anything except die...and maybe breath. If I choose not to have this "tatoo". Then i won't. I am slowly learning about myself and i have discovered alot. And basically I have discovered that i am no evil doer. I have not and will not commit treason! If this site is an official site, then i guess i will have to protest....but the end is near. I know it and so does the rest of the wise in the world. So now....if you'll tell us to convert religions...then what freedom is that? I am really ticked off right now. And the underground will hear about this! And to think that i was going to join the military to become a computer expert. Maybe even your main defense. I love my country...but i wonder if our leaders do? Has greed and power blinded them. I really don't want a respond to this but i will expect one. I was wondering if you guys at this site beleive in GOD? One last word....I hope and pray that the U.S.A. has more sense than what this site makes it out to have. Once again.. i am not commiting treason... i still love my country. Thank you (whoever you are) for taking the time to read my personal thoughts.

SUBJECT = Your Site
NAME = Luke Brumbaugh
MESSAGE = I believe you have been hacked again. You may want to lock your site more. As I am a system admin contact me if you need help.

SUBJECT = Birthday greetings from the WH
NAME = Harriet Bishop
MESSAGE = I am looking for the correct e-mail adress to request a greeting for my soon to be 80 year old Mother-in-law. I tried the 800 # listed on this home page. That # connected me to EXXON Mobile. ?? Please inform me of the correct way to acquire the greeting. Thank You.

SUBJECT = 2002 State of the Union Address
NAME = Charles L Matheson
MESSAGE = The printed copy of the President's State of the Union Address this past Tuesday night, Jan 29, 2002, posted on whitehouse.org web site is certainly not the message I heard and saw on TV. The posted address reads as if some "hacker" substituted his/her copy for the actual copy. Please advise. I can not imagine how you "folks" working for our President have overlooked this.

NAME = Deir Yassein
MESSAGE = Hey Jews,
Like your website Jews. You don't have the guts to put your name on it Jews. Are you a bunch of jews? Why don't you quote the old testament jews; where everyone is killed in "israel" for not being a jew? Jew. Why are you against Arafat jews? He just wants in Israel what Jews want here. Make fun of your bloated fat PM Ariel Sharon Jews. Tell, about how jewish the state of Israel is jews and not how christian America is Jews. Hitler.

SUBJECT = Discraced
NAME = Floyd Rodery
MESSAGE = I was briefly reading through your quit uneducated, rather rediculous web page. I just wanted to say that I think your team behind this website display complete disrespect for our country, our freedom, and what the price of freedom is. Which obviously none of you have sat down and thought about. I find it totally repulsive that you can make statements, and stories, that make a mochary of what people are DYING for. What type of human respect do you have, none what so ever. The fact that you can totally down play our government, what it stands for, our military, and what they die for, baffels me. I would thoroughly enjoy a response back from you in regards to this.

A very unsatisfied American,
Floyd Rodery

P.S. Please tell me your not actually part of the Christian Coalition. If so, I'm pulling my membership from the church immediatly.

SUBJECT = freedom
NAME = Chastity
MESSAGE = Hello. I am very concerned about what I have seen on the revised website. It has been awhile since I have went into it. I am sure the tatoo page is a joke! I am very patriotic and would never tatoo my body for anyone. I love my country and my God. I was repeadily offended by your home church website and the harsh words it used to criticize me. I am not a "unsaved moron" and couldn't believe what I was reading when I went into "department of faith". Was this actually in the White House website? Is this how you would like Americans to feel? Bush signed a bill for tens of thousands of Mexicans to be employed in our country and now my fellow Americans are stuggling to find employment. Don't get me wrong. I voted for Bush and would again in a heartbeat I am just keeping you informed on how the people really feels. Thank You

SUBJECT = You are scum
NAME = Jon Burchel
MESSAGE = You suck. Your site sucks. You should be shot on general principles, you complete waste of a life. Speaking of a life, why don't you go out and get one?

SUBJECT = Re: Recent Stand towards Arafat
NAME = Dennette Farr
MESSAGE = What an outrage! I hope you lose you job as soon as possible. It is inconceivable that some smart ass lunatic like you would be in charge of answering email for the President of the United States. You can be sure that I will save this email and forward it to someone in the White House that cares. This is not the kind of image that President Bush wants to project, of that I am sure.
Very Truly Yours,
Dennette L. Farr
P.S. Expect some fallout from this one!

SUBJECT = Manditory Patroitic Tattoo
NAME = Brian Sheppardv
MESSAGE = Dear Pres. Bush,

I think this is bogus. This is wrong. My religous beleifs prohibit any tatooing for national sercurity. I am a very patroitic. I fly my flag and agree with US veiws and policy. But I will NOT get any tatoo. I would however get some kind of ID card with all that GPS stuff in it and everything. That I would do, but the tattoo I will NOT.

NAME = Michael Zito
MESSAGE = This is INSANE as in HITLER...Lets see, I thought I saw this one once where this guy Wanted to make sure all People in Germany were Germans...Man his name is right on the tip of my tounge Began with a "H" HITLER! Thats it...Wanted to make sure ONLY PLEDGING GERMANS were in GERMANY. First Social Security Numbers, (Sure they are for tax reason's only, Yeah right, try to get a new one HAHAHA!) Now... REGISTER with the Govt. to Prove I am A American.. Well don't look now, Don't you guys think some clown will fill this out too, then AIM is plane anyway..DUH! If I'm not American,Then you guys OWE me a lot of back Taxes...

No - this is not a Good suggestion... NO "Jolene Cornsilk of Keota" Should not be thanked" for this suggestion...She should have her head examined. Look, I don't like this situation anymore then any other American..But You don't deal with this problem this way. 9 Years in the Army, then 11 Years with another part of the Govt... I AM A AMERICAN.. The Fact they I can send a EMAIL to the White House gives ME that Right. Then your disclaimer has this little cute line " hereby relinquish my right to habeas corpus" LOOK!!!, ITS A JEW Living in the house next to me-HELP!HELP!... Thats what I remember from another time, and thats what this "SUGGESTION" is telling me now.

You know what, Don't email me (you won't anyway)

But rather then "record" my post here, have George Call me this Sat. [PHONE # EXCISED] I'll be happy to share my thoughts... Got a Terroist Problem? Deal with IT, not ME.. Have a Nice Day...

PS: Thought the bombing runs over Kabul were pretty effective..

Also, When you run a check on me, you'll see I have been more AMERICAN then you'll ever Know.

SUBJECT = Criticism-prosecuted
NAME = Albert Milburn
MESSAGE = So, if I say anything negative you are going to prosecute me? Well then I suggest you line up your money grubbing lawyers and start your paper work.

The article on Tom Daschle was surely written by a republican bigot who see's Trent Lott as somekind of God when in fact Trent Lott has done nothing for the State of Mississippi that did not put money his pocket. His feelings about Mississippi appears to be - If there is money in for me, call me!

Now on to a more important issue; The traitor (Walker) should never be tried in a civilian court as he is a prisoner of war and should be tried by a military court so that when found guilty of treason he can be put in front of a firing squad.

SUBJECT = RE: religion
NAME = Nicole Brown
MESSAGE = You need to revise your poll or whatever you want to call it, because I am Episcopalian and there is no option for me to fill out. I do not know if this is a joke or for real! I have many gay friends & friends with many religious backgrounds who have a myriad of faiths; however, they consider themselves true patriots. Just what does the Whitehouse consider a "true American?” I adore President Bush & the first lady Laura; however, I find it hard to stomach your racist B.S.! Explain to me how your way is the way to freedom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SUBJECT = feedback
NAME = Ed Belcher
MESSAGE = Hey, was your site up and running during the 8 years of the most corrupt administration since Grant was President? Doubt it. I don't know whether to laugh or puke. What a bunch of nimrods.

SUBJECT = Tatoos???
NAME = Jeni
MESSAGE = I am sorry. I believe that President Bush is a wonderful Christian man. But I can not believe that he would order that all Americans receive this tatoo. If anyone were to read the book of Revelations in the Bible, they would see that this is just a glorified mark of the Beast. I personally refuse to believe that the man I voted into office because I thought he would bring a sense of religious morals back to our country would approve of something like this. And I will refuse this mark no matter what the cost. But with all due respect, I am an American. I support our country and most definatly our military. There are people in our miltary that I am very close to and fully support and believe in what they are doing. But this "mark" is not right. And I, as a citizen of the United States of America will stand up for what I believe. Because it is my constitutional right to do so.

SUBJECT = The interpretation of dreams
NAME = Sergei
MESSAGE = Irregardless of how much of the black ink you and your faithful dogs will squeeze out of this, I decided to let you know about a dream I had last night. Maybe someone out there can interpret it a little better than I can understand myself.

I was sharing a public bathroom together with your National Security Advisor Candolesa Ryce (sp?). I could see through the door of the stall that I was sitting in, and saw her there, in her stall, naked playing with a pink dildo. Then she threw that dildo across the floor so that it landed next to my feet. She waked up to me and asked whether she could have it back. I took a good quantity of toilet paper, picked it up and handed it to her. Then she started a chitchat conversation with me, and I politely flushed the toilet so that she wouldn't see what was in there.

Then she asked me about how could I have such a spiteful smile when all of her people were going nuts? And I said that it was because I was leaving them anyway and didn't care anymore.

The period of time in the dream was about beginning of october last year.

SUBJECT = Christianity
NAME = Emily
MESSAGE = I am a devout Christian. I believe in jesus, and God, and Adam, and Eve, and Joseph, and Mary, and everthing the Bible stands for. This is not it. This site, along with the Landover baptist Church site are some of the saddest displays of Christianity I have ever seen. Later this year, I will be going to Washington to discuss youth issues with members, of the House, Senate, and the president. I hope I can display better values of Christianity than you do.

SUBJECT = Re: Letter
NAME = Amanda
MESSAGE = To think that this kind of sarcastic letter is the one that has just made me lose complete hope for our government and its future. I pay my taxes and work hard therefor providing politians with there jobs. If it weren't for me and millions of other law abiding, tax paying citizens none of you would even exist. So, before you think it is funny to send a bull shit letter as the one that was sent to me remember where your pay check comes from. Have a problem with this e-mail? My name is Amanda Patton home phone is [EXCISED] and home address is [EXCISED]. feel free to contact me at anytime

SUBJECT = Your site.
NAME = Jack
MESSAGE = What a bunch limp wristed fags you folks must be ! LOL ! Losers to a man!

SUBJECT = This ia a disgrace full website.
NAME = dipo
MESSAGE = The American government should be totally ashamed of them selves.Is the a joke of a website.Mention the 'fuckers' on the website is totally outragoues.You claim christainity, then you allow the Tom Ridge to lead your country in the way of the anti-christ.America watch it, you are deviating from the truth and will accordingly be punished if you sin against God. Putting Bin laden's picture in the portriat of the birth place of JESUS CHRIST is totally rubbish.This website is close to ponography. Iam ashamed and this is coming from a 23 year old british student.Get your act together.

SUBJECT = Site...
NAME = S. Allen

SUBJECT = Tattoo
NAME = Jesse
MESSAGE = I think that the tattoo is in direct contradiction of the 1st amendment. If my religion says that i cant get the tattoo b/c it is the mark of the beast than i shouldnt have too. I think it is a bad idea.

SUBJECT = Terrific site
NAME = Roberta Patrick
MESSAGE = Your site is so wonderful! Tears came to my eyes. You have done my heart good to know how much you hate free speech. The fact that you are so intolerant of the scumbags called "Americans" gives a new boost to my cause

Osama Bin Laden



Edward T. Graney

SUBJECT = John Walker Lindh
NAME = Tim Snyder
MESSAGE = I just read the entire press release of the seventeenth. I feel that it is a correct decision that John Walker Lindh stand trial for his deeds and face the death penalty if the jury feels it is justified.

Now, I will say that I was shocked by terms like genital fluids being exchanged by his parents at Brown rallies.

I believe that our President is a good and great leader and I want to vote for him again, but I was offended by the remarks. I hope that other americans weren't because I believe that the First Lady Bush and President Bush have a lot to offer this country and the world.

My personal thoughts

SUBJECT = Re: Compliment
MESSAGE = If this was from the FIRST LADY, would be hurt, but since it is from an organization of usely people with useless brains, I will eliminate you from my careing of other people to include you specificaly..

SUBJECT = Una Bienvenida Española de la Primera Dama
NAME = Elizabeth
MESSAGE = It was embarrassing and disappointing to read the section titled “Una Bienvenida Española de la Primera Dama”. Couldn’t the White House Web Team hire someone to translate this section? Aren’t you aware that automatic translators are not accurate? The translation is in an incomprehensible Spanish. What does the First Lady exactly mean by “I want all of you to know that we treat all of them as they were family”? Why wouldn’t you treat them as your family if they are your nephews and nieces? Let me guess, because they are half-Mexican! God Lord!

SUBJECT = Domestic Violence Rumors
NAME = Clark J. Rapp
MESSAGE = Dear Mr. Fleischer, After reading your press release in reference to the President's injury I was appalled by your stereo typical ethnic slur! "Libidious Puerto Rican Immigrants"... I'm now certain you think all black people are lazy, Italians are all mafia, Arabs are terrorist and any one concerned about the environment is a tree hugger. I must admit I've never liked your style, but now you have lost my respect!

C. J. Rapp, a "Tree Hugger in Colorado"

SUBJECT = Great idea
NAME = Clarence
MESSAGE = Mr.President,

I know this would be very hard, but I think it would be nice if we could find a way to get the Statue of Liberty to hold a Gaint flag. But if we can't do that it is okay .
God bless you,

SUBJECT = Patriot Registration
NAME = Bill Jensen
MESSAGE = Since your idiotic and irrational logic assumes that only patriots (and all of them in the United States) will register on your website. Why don't you make it easier on your self and American Citizens by simply putting up a site for Terrorists to register. Then you will have a complete and definitive list of all terrorists in the country.

Your Patriots web page confirms everything I have believed for years about the intellectual skills of elected officials.

SUBJECT = What is www.jesus.com doing aon your site?
NAME = Spencer Sanderson
MESSAGE = For someone like the president as well being a GOD fearing man, I do not know why he would place such trash on his site like that. For a man that prays 1-2 a day is very uplifting, but to go to his prayer squad site and see that he is advertising for www.jesus.com is tastless. Could you please explain why? If it is to show that he is in support of what www.jesus.com views are then please advise. www.jesus.com website is nothing but a slap in the face to a believer.

SUBJECT = Bad translation to Spanish
NAME = Juan Carlos
MESSAGE = The section titled "Una Bienvenida española de la primera dama" is not Spanish. I don't know who has translated it, but Spanish people cannot understand anything. A set of unordered words in spanish is not spanish. Is easier for us read it in English.

SUBJECT = not positive feedback!
NAME = Steven de Jong
MESSAGE = This is no democracy! The note of this page is terrible.Bush is not the right president for America!

SUBJECT = whitehouse.org............................
NAME = Jeremiah Gregory
MESSAGE = To whoever pipsqueak this may concern:

Your intellect truly shines through in this poorly publicated web site of horse shit and cat piss. The trouble is, you have LITTLE intellegence. You really must publish a better acknowledgement on this site of just who the hell you are for starters or are you just too inadequate to outstandingly reveal your identity? Show your face and then we shall debate the validity of your simple minded web site and why you have no leg to stand on.

Best Wishes to you and other scum sucking varmits who have way too much free time.

Do have a nice day.

SUBJECT = dress code
NAME = carolyn burt
MESSAGE = I think this is about the highly inappropriate for you to have this on your site about the dress code. You talk about Clinton and Gore degrading the White House I do believe you have upped them one.

SUBJECT = kids page
NAME = Hacki
MESSAGE = I saw ur kids page asking children to watch their parents - they might be america haters. Most of us already know about the kind of patriotism thats only be found in america. But I never thought it to be thus sick ...

SUBJECT = This is awful
NAME = Harry longson
MESSAGE = you crazy Christians,-
you are influenceing america in the worng way, This site is disturbing and disruptive to anyone who views it. You can not say that you must be 18 years or older to view this site, becuase there is no way to stop cvhildren form viewing it, and by posting items like this on the internet you are no better than teh Nazis


SUBJECT = tattoo
NAME = John H. Keizer
MESSAGE = I'm pro-America...but... I've just seen an article to pass a law that makes every american wear a tattoo... I seem to remember that there are still people who have a tattoo on their arms from a period we all like to forget. It had something to do with nazi's. Don't push it please...

SUBJECT = Thank you Mr. President
NAME = Bob Hubbard
MESSAGE = Mr. President,
I have read some of the feed back in which you recieve. I know they are expressing there freedom of speech,how ever this is not acceptable in my opinion!

Mr President keep up the good work, you have my full support.
Sincerly yours, Bob Hubbard

SUBJECT = "White house for kids"
NAME = Jen
MESSAGE = You do not need to reply to this.. This is a positive message, I am sitting here, wondering if kids click on "White house for kids" and as I toured that station, I noticed "Kids, you like guns, come check this site out." Seriously, with all do respect are you trying to promote kids to go bad, and be bad? This influences them, to say, hey mom, guess what Mr. Bush, says I can use guns.... I don't think so! With all do respect please delete that section...

SUBJECT = Re: thank you
MESSAGE = I thank you for writing to acknowledge receipt of my letter to President Bush. However, I am offended by Laura Bush signing the letter "yours in christ". I realize this is a form letter; but this administration surely realizes that not all of us have accepted christ, especially when I signed my letter "an appreciative American Jew". I truly resent this , let's not bring religion into the political arena. Thank you. .

SUBJECT = horrendous dissapointment
NAME = Jay Kincaid
MESSAGE = As a visitor to the white house's official website, i was all but impressed. This symbol of our glorious nation should not be represented by a site such as this. I was all but amused by the "Presidential Firsts" and all of the remarks on each and every page. I hope that action will be taken to better the appearance of this page
Jay Kincaid

SUBJECT = The virtural tour
NAME = Tracy Wolford
MESSAGE = Dear Mr. President, Did you know that the picture of the Blue Room has been Doctored. The picture of the Lady well her dress falls of and shows her breast. Mrs Bush appears in the window. I think the Vise- President Channey pops out of the Vase of Flowers. A ladies head floats across the room and a word appears on the left wall. I didn't know if you knew so I wanted to tell you.

Tracy Wolford

SUBJECT = my commander and cheif and lady cheif
NAME = john & nancy moeller
MESSAGE = I know Mrs Bush wouldn't write a such called gonorrhea-infested letter. There for I have made a copy of this letter and I will send it to the white house, and I hope the government will prosecute you for this!!!!!

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