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  (La Versión Española)

Dear Mexican:

The President and I want to extend a hearty Texas-style welcome to you. I am very proud that my husband is the first President to have an official White House web site that includes portions written in Mexican. We hope that you will take the time to become fully acquainted with the White House web site. After all, even if the President's plan to provide you people with immigration amnesty doesn't become a reality, this site can be accessed from outside of the country, so your time spent learning the navigation devices will not be lost. It is very important to the President and me that everyone living in this wonderful country of ours feel that they are welcome, if only on the web. After all, while you may not be a real American, that is no reason why you cannot share the wonderful pride we feel in our country.

Coming from Texas, I feel so very close to you people. While I did not live in a border town, where they saw a fresh batch of Mexicans every morning, we did have several Mexicans in Midland whom I grew to trust and love. Do you know I grew up in a town that never locked its door? And we had Mexicans living just up the street! I think that just shows how trustworthy and honest you people are.

I have had many experiences with your people and, almost without exception, they have been very pleasant. When I was a teenager, my mother Jenna hired a lovely Mexican gentleman called Juan to help in the garden. He worked so hard in that little garden, I know that Juan was the only reason we won the Midland Garden Club "Most Improved Yard" award in 1959. And as much as Juan worked, he never expected much. Instead of a wage, he was happy enough just to enjoy the wonderful American food our family ate, which mother would bring out to the tool shed on a bamboo TV tray with a big bottle of hot sauce. Juan was in his seventies then, but to me as a little girl, he was like one of my little friends. To this day, I remember how his eyes would light up when I would secretly put a shiny nickel in the palm of his hand when mother wasn't looking. It was just our little secret. He was so grateful and it made me feel just a little better knowing that I was helping one of God's little creatures.

Well, my husband, the President, wants also to help you people. I hope those of you who are here legally and can vote will remember that in the next election. The President is very much in favor of allowing you people amnesty so that you can stay here and continue your wonderful work on flowerbeds and shingles throughout this wonderful country of ours. He has asked Congress to support this initiative, but we are meeting a lot of resistance from those within our own party. You wouldn't believe the letters we have been getting from loyal Republicans, using language to describe you dear people that is simply too coarse to repeat here. Sadly, many people in this country don't share my love for you people, which is why the President deserves your support for being there for you. For example, the President had the courage to stand up at a country club outside of Dallas recently and say: "Well, it's not like the coloreds are going to do those jobs!"

As you may know, the President and I have Mexican-like relatives. His brother Jeb married one of you and they have just the most beautiful children. Poppy affectionately calls them "the little brown babies." I want all of you to know that we treat all of them as they were family. And we want to make all of you feel equally welcome.


First Lady Mrs. George W. Bush ("Laura")

The President and I love to learn about the Mexican culture, which is why we vacation every year at South of the Border on Highway 95 in South Carolina.

I bought this little number in Tijuana! It was very full, like a huge piñata, and in the cheap, loud colors you people seem to like so much.

The wonderful thing about Mexican cooking is that there are only five ingredients in the whole country. You just move everything around and call it something else!

  (La Versión Española)

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