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On January 20, 2001, George W. Bush signed an executive order establishing the United States Department of Faith (USDOF). Headed by the President's (and God's) favorite church, Landover Baptist Church, the USDOF is entrusted with overseeing disbursement of millions of taxpayer dollars to religious organizations. The USDOF does not discriminate against any faith, making funds available to both Baptist churches and other churches or organizations that recognize Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. (Read the USDOF Mission Statement)

Faith-Based Entrepreneur Federal Handout Application – Qualify Instantly for Millions in Taxpayer Funding for YOUR McJesus Conglomerate!
The Presidential Prayer Team – Meet the Elite Force of Spiritual Warriors Who Wield More Destructive Power Than the Entire United States Military
Defending the Sacred Institutions of Marriage & Divorce – Proposal to Amend the United States Constitution to Conform to Biblical Principles
Accept Christ Now and Become a Real American™ – President Bush Cordially, Yet Strenuously Invites Unsaved Voters to Embrace His Savior
"How Does Our Christian Nation Benefit by Defending Hell-Bound Jews?" – An Important Sermon From the Secretary of Faith-Based Governance
CHRISTIAN KIDS WONDER: Why Does Our Loving God Hate Trailer Trash So Much? – Learn why the Lord flicks mobile homes into blizzards of cheap plywood toothpicks and flying corduroy recliners!
Honoring Rev. Jerry Falwell – ATTENTION CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS: The rumors and so-called "proof" are LIES! The Rev. Jerry Falwell was NOT a Big Flaming Homo!!!
Ask USDOF Secretary Pastor Deacon Fred – An Informative Q&A with the Most Devoted Public Servant in the History of our Christian Nation
CHRISTIAN KIDS WONDER: "Does Jesus Watch Me Go Poopy?" – The Lord knows that toilet time is a dangerous time, filled with horrid temptations of the flesh!
Win a Luxury Christian Vacation With President Bush – This Offer is Restricted to Republican Friends of Jesus Christ and His Duly Anointed Ruler of the World
CULTS: The USDOF Reference Guide - As our Christian nation opens its doors to more foreign trash, God's people are unfortunately exposed to exotic new ideas.
Ask Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian – As Spiritual Advisor to the First Family, Mrs. Bowers is so Close to Jesus, He Validates Her Parking
The Salvation Security Act – The USDOF and Congressman Tom Delay Are Proud to Sponsor Federal Legislation Mandating Salvation of all Americans
USDOF Issues Emergency Green Card to Jesus Christ – Proper Immigration Documents Will Prevent Our Swarthy Lord From Being Pegged as a Terrorist
The Holy Bible Poop Quiz - The Good Book teaches us that the Lord is infatuated with excrement, both human and animal.
Understanding President Bush's Israel Policy – The Commander in Chief Looks Always to His Cloud-Dwelling Messiah for Guidance

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