Whitehouse.org is the officious web site for the White House and President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States.


George W. Bush
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Mrs. George W. Bush
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First Lady
Dick Cheney
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Vice President
Mrs. Dick Cheney
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Second Lady
George H.W. Bush
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Executive President
Mrs. George H.W. Bush
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Executive First Lady
Karl Rove

Minister of Truth
Condoleezza Rice

Sec. State of War
Alberto Gonzales

Attorney Genitorture
Robert Gates

Sec. Strangelove
David Addington

Darth Smackdown
Tony Snow

Sec. Spin
Mike Leavitt

Sec. Biopanic
Henry Paulson

Sec. CEO Affairs
Josh Bolten

Water Boy
Karen Hughes

Sec. Brass Balls
Lynn Scarlett

Sec. Strip Mine
Ted Nugent

Sec. Wildlife
Elaine Chao

Sec. Sweatshop
Stephen Johnson

Sec. Love Canal
Mary Peters

Sec. SUV
Harriet Miers

Girl Friday
Michael Chertoff

Sec. Paranoia
Alphonso Jackson

Sec. Ghetto Affairs
Margaret Spellings

Sec. School Prayer
Samuel Bodman

Sec. OPEC Rimjob
William Rehnquist

Executive Producer Emeritus
Sandra Day O'Connor

Producer Emeritus
Antonin Scalia

Senior Producer
Anthony Kennedy

Assistant Producer
Clarence Thomas

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