Whitehouse.org is the officious web site for the White House and President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States.


The White House makes every effort possible to produce web pages that are fully accessible to the widest range of Internet users. To that end, WHITEHOUSE.ORG takes advantage of various technologies intended to facilitate access for the differently abled, physically challenged, and all manner of otherwise physically or morally crippled persons.

  1. Computers: In the interest of expediting both the creation and dissemination of textual, graphical, and photographic content, White House personnel have made extensive use of computers in the creation of this web site.

  2. White Backgrounds: All pages on WHITEHOUSE.ORG have been carefully programmed to simulate the appearance of the printed word on white paper. This simulation not only makes individual letters and words much easier to read than they would be on say, simulated alabaster or papyrus-hued paper, but it also serves as a subtle and persistent reminder of the pigmentation of the rightful and deserving ruling class of these United States.

  3. Non-Gratuitous Verbiage: In keeping with President Bush’s determined effort to differentiate his administration from that of the privileged Ivy League intelligentsia who made up previous administrations, WHITEHOUSE.ORG will employ language characterized by a strict adherence to a 6th Grade reading level (or below).

  4. Focus Groups: Both the design and content of WHITEHOUSE.ORG are subjected to rigorous monthly focus grouping, in which swing-state users of infinitesimal intellect and unpredictable voting patterns are asked to interpret the site’s message, aesthetic merit, and perceived sexual orientation.
These and many other measures are outlined in the WHITEHOUSE.ORG Access Board's 4-Volume 2002 Encyclopedia of Internet Accessibility, which is newly available for purchase ($575.99) at the White House Gift Emporium.

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