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 Today is January 20th, in the Year of America's Lord Jesus Christ 2009

Full Text of President Bush's Emotional Farewell Speech Cataloguing His Unparalleled Competence and Intelligence

THE PRESIDENT: "In light of popularity poll numbers that make Richard Nixon look like a greased Chippendale at Karl Rove's going away party, I just want to say that we can all agree on one thing: whether you're an immigrant terrorist or non-terrorist, a bellyaching homo, a legless Iraqazoid, a drowned corpse bloating in the New Orleans sun, an effete Huffington Post-reading urban iPhone zombie, or a Hannity-worshipping redneck patrio-fascist, a negro, a Mexi-rican, a normal guy, a feminist, a stoner, or a fixed income oldster reduced to buying Walgreens-brand Depends, odds are you're tickled pink I'm getting the fuck outta Dodge..." Continue Reading »

Mrs. Bush Finalizes Details Of Her Forthcoming Blockbuster Memoir: "How My Heroic Hubby Saved An Ungrateful World"

"I love this whole 'book advance' thing. The idea of getting paid millions for something I may not even wind up being able to do is like being elected president! LOL! But this 'fact checking' nonsense is not like being president at all and is, frankly, of dubious worth."
President's Statement Celebrating the Awesome Snuffing Out of Saddam Hussein
Hurricane Katrina: President Announces Belated Launch of "Operation Bureaucratic Clusterfuck"
President's Note to Cindy Sheehan, Grieving Mother of Heroic FREEDOM® Crusader Killed in Vietraq
President Bush and Congressional Leaders Pray Following Death of Useful Culture War Prop Terry Schaivo
President's 2nd Inaugural Address Promising Freetastic® Freegasms® of Freedomosity®
Vice President Cheney's Long-Overdue, Feel-Good Exchange With Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy
America Unveils Kinder, Gentler New Guidelines for Interrogating Maybe-Terrorist Trash
President's Personal Copy of Declassified Daily Intelligence Briefing for August 6th, 2001
President's Uproariously Hysterical Comedy Routine for the Radio & Television Correspondents' Dinner
Defusing AWOLgate: Witnesses Corroborate President's Story of How Honorably He Evaded Vietnam
MISSION ACCOMPLISHEDER! Nappy Iraqi Hairball Living in a Hole is Finally in Republican Custody
President Releases Incontrovertible Proof of Iraqi Acquisition of Weapons of Mass Destruction
President Bush Proudly Unveils Inspired, Never-Before-Tried "Road Map to Middle Eastern Peace"
President's Remarks Aboard USS Abraham Lincoln Celebrating America's Triumph Over Allah
President's Orgasmic Rebel Yell Heralding the Launch of Operation Godless Iraqazoid Smackdown
Executive Branch Edict Announcing Revised Federal France-Bashing Standards & Guidelines
President Details Diabolical Iraqi Schemes Necessitating the Wholesale Invasion of the Arabiac World
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